Seven Cricket Coverage


I wasn’t particularly interested in the 7 coverage after learning of Brayshaw’s involvement, but find the graphics to be so vanilla (aside from the ridiculous batting scorecard) as to confirm my preference to watch the Fox coverage instead where possible. I did watch much of the pre-match stuff this morning which was okay, although could’ve done with a bit more warning before they threw to Michael Slater within the first five minutes.


Underwhelming. Shit graphics makes it look like a Seven News production. Cheap set, no chemistry with presenters. Even at Nine’s worst, there was always some ‘magic’ with its test coverage - iconic music, tasteful graphics, excellent camera work. This has none of that.

Peever and Sutherland have done more than anyone else to kill cricket in this country with this TV deal.


A graphic I saw before the last session started actually looked like a Seven News graphic, same colour scheme and everything. Also not a fan of James Brayshaw as a cricket commentator.


Let’s face it, most people are unlikely to compare the two broadcasts. If you have Fox you’re likely to watch that with their promise of no ads and not really give two hoots about what the poor people with fta are being served up. If your only option is fta, you’d be unlikely to race out and subscribe to Fox based on the reviews here by people with an interest in the font of colour grade of graphics.


Surely something like “magic” is developed over time? Not something to ever expect from the first test covered by a network in 40 years. If by the end of the summer nothing has improved then I would call that a fair assessment.

For me, its cricket. Its nothing amazing but solid coverage.


True, but the feel/vibe is Seven hasn’t invested in quality coverage. If they had knockout presentation, camerawork and better chemistry with presenters it may be different.


Let’s hope they’re making a loss on the coverage.


LOL the amount of times that glossy bar that originated from the last 7NEWS package has been reused… :joy: it looks like they have just reused bits of the 7NEWS package.
Mustn’t have had a budget for an external package to be produced. It’s a shame…


Poor from Seven to intially not show ball tracking for the LBW review!


Foxtel graphics slipping through on Seven

Channel change advice - so news is taking priority.


It’s really not that bad from what I’ve seen. The chemistry between the presenters and commentators will come in time.


Somehow, I could imagine Bruce Gordon eventually wishing that he agreed to chip in $5 million per year to help Ten/WIN pick up the rights.

Not sure if I’d go as far as saying that, but I personally don’t think this broadcast deal will be good for Seven or Cricket Australia in the long run.


Wouldn’t Fox & Seven be sharing the same cameras ??
just adding in there own graphics, interviews etc. and having separate commentary.
Similar to what happens with the AFL


Given the Fox graphics, do they even have access to it live?

And TBH, those Fox graphics look shit imo.


Fox take the Seven commentary for AFL


Only some. Also vision selection differs between the networks.


There was a camera at times where Seven needed it (e.g.) talking about the outdoor amenities and a camera was on it.

Would this not be a roving Seven cam?


Telecast abruptly ended at 6:30pm AEDT.


Sounds like Nine still have the rights. Cause that’s all that use to happen and looks like it’s continuing to happen! :man_facepalming:


If people can find an excuse to complain about something, they’ll complain about it.


I watched quite a bit of Seven’s coverage today (admittedly I don’t have Fox) but from what was aired, I’m in the camp that enjoyed it enough. Some things to work on, but this was their legit first ever/debut! Nine’s was over 4 decades ago :joy:

But by the sounds of it, both Seven and Fox are better than Nine (at least recent times)