Seven Cricket Coverage


“Half of us like our footy to go backwards”. Seven thinking … Nine has the rights to the NRL so we’ll kick that sport then immediately praise the AFL.


Compared to Fox, Seven looks like a community broadcaster. Their coverage is amateur hour.


Wonder if Sully is ready for Bruce at lunch time.


Few harsh comments here and elsewhere so far. Only things I’d criticise are Trent Copeland’s interjections and the interview with Saker might’ve been better on location rather than from the studio. The batting card is different, but it’s handy to remember were used to 40 years of Nine which aside from more cameras wasn’t that different to the previous ABC coverage until technology came in towards the end of the 80s and beyond.

A view of the ground from their studio would be a nice addition, perhaps Fox have access to that.


Having watched Fox, there was no reason Seven couldn’t have taken the toss - it was on at EXACTLY 10am Adelaide time and Isa Guha also stopped for one second at the end of it, so Seven could drop out, before moving to her pitch report with Warne.

Seven looks and sounds horrible.


I don’t mind their coverage. I think having the same comms on for 40 mins will take some getting used to. I’d get rid of Slater, but Ponting is superb. Agree about Copeland, not sure why he isn’t doing special comments instead of his telestrator stuff. I didn’t mind the Saker interview.
Personally, their graphics package is fantastic, easy to follow and read.


Seven’s coverage has the potential, but I think they’re satisfied in doing the bare minimum because they share rights with Fox. Their commentators are passable (Ponting being the standout), but everything else is a bit meh compared to Fox.

That said, both coverages shit all over what Nine gave us for many years.


I think the graphics on Nine was a lot more polished than both Seven’s and Fox’s. All Nine needed to do was introduce a few more commentators into the mix for some variety.


This 100%. I liked Nine’s graphics but didn’t like any of their commentators, which is why I didn’t enjoy their coverage, but that’s another story.

Both Seven and Fox’s graphics are average, though Seven’s is a bit more cohesive compared to Fox’s mess.


The HD looks fine to me, but I’m not comparing to Fox as I don’t have it, seems sharp enough? Not wearing my astigmatism glasses :sunglasses: :smile:


HD appears to be fixed now

Some caps. Prime7HD doesn’t have the HD bug for some reason.


Why aren’t they using the “Prime7” sport watermark? It’s not the Olympics or Comm Games.

Only reason I can think of is if the watermark (“7” and “Live & Free”) component is coming from the production (rather than BCM) and hence MediaHub would be getting that dirty.


Prime7 HD never have the HD bug.


7’s studio and graphics look very early 2000’s IMO, nothing on what Fox are serving up as expected.


If only Ten offered more money…

Alternatively, if only Bruce Gordon agreed for WIN to chip in $5 million per year to help Ten win the rights…

Guha did the coin toss because Fox is the host broadcaster. It’s no different to Andy Maher/Jason Richardson hosting the coin toss for the WBBL matches televised last weekend because Seven were/are the host broadcaster for such matches

Seven could have shown the toss. It was just they messed up joining the world feed (ie; Fox’s broadcast) to do so

I’m really surprised no-one has tried doing that here.


Fox is shitting all over Seven.

Aside from Ponting Seven have nothing going for them. It looks cheap and nasty.

I am aghast that this is what is passing as free to air coverage of cricket.


Are these news update crosses in-program live or recorced? If the former, must have to be very on time! Market switch/breakaways like what used to happen in 4.30 News years ago.


BBL promos running during today, with what sounds like the same music as the MKR promos?


You spend more time complaining about the coverage rather than watching the game


Fox’s coverage must be awfully close to an immaculate conception then. Nothing wrong (outside of Slater) with 7’s telecast.


The only reason the Fox Coverage is marginally ahead is because they are the base that 7 is having to paper over.

The best result for the consumer would have been a shared commentary team and telecast with different pre and post-game analysis (see Supercars on Fox and 10). Anything less results in a messier product for the wider audience.