Seven Cricket Coverage


In Regional Mainland VIC via Prime 7 appears to be SD upconverted to HD. Graphics look sharp -vision is very soft… looks awful


You’re 100% right. It’s definitely upconverted SD.


The full batting card on seven looks horrendous.


Can someone post a cap from Prime7 HDchannel?


The last and break had the score in the top left corner. Great idea.



Keeping the score on during the ads is great. I’d like them to do it like America and break out a small screen showing the ground while they are in ads or split it.

And that full batting scorecard graphic is hideous.


Wasn’t half the issue the fact 10 didn’t want the test matches? They only wanted the One Day, T20 and Big Bash.

Have to admit the Foxtel coverage is pretty good if anyone has it.



Ten put in a bid for everything after Nine pulled out, JLT, Shield, tests, big bash, odi…


they might go hard next time it comes again? By Shield is that every match?


They did, but reluctantly, and it wasn’t the fact nine pulled out was it was the fact that CA rejected 9’s offer. I don’t think 10 ever wanted Test match cricket because it has been reported time and time again that there is no money to make from broadcasting test match cricket.


Not sure, I’d imagine just the final, however the rights might buy every match bit weather they actually get broadcast is another matter.



So it’s begun. MKR being flogged to death. Might drive away many of the audience, not just for cricket but also for MKR as I can’t imagine those who watch MKR are the same ones who watch cricket.


Didn’t seem to hurt 9 with Married at First Sight which isn’t exactly the same audience either.


Did anyone see the virtual graphic? It had the logo shadows around the wrong way (Australia had the India logo shadow and vice versa)


The opener for Seven’s test cricket coverage.


Channel change advice and other stuff


Foxtel’s coverage looks A grade, Seven’s looks D grade.