Seven Cricket Coverage


All my mates calling for a return to Nine. They’re saying it a disaster. I can’t watch as I am at work.


Seven is not great but Nine shouldn’t have it either, they were just as bad.


Seven already copping a hammering on twitter. Apparently missed showing the toss live (perhaps they don’t have the rights?).


You are correct from what I’ve read - Fox has these rights for Tests.

Cricket Australia should’ve just gone fully with Ten! This split free-to-air/pay coverage is a mess.


Yes the missed it. And they do have the rights its just they need to dip into Fox’s coverage for it.

Look its always going to be a disaster with this simulcast crap and seven have a sub par team compared to fox. This whole thing will blow up in CA face. And so it should. It will be a long 6 years. The whole rights process was corrupted.


Or pure FTA Seven. 10 I agree would be a much better match.



Graphics look pretty good so far!


The toss was shown on Fox with a Fox commentator Isa Guha handing over the coin - a weird rights allocation.


7’s graphics look like they have taken inspiration from a cricket video game. Hard to word but they just don’t look quite right.


Can’t believe that there is rights for coin toss, should be something that is common for both networks. Of course CA is going to bend over backwards for Fox.


There’s no reason why 7 couldn’t have shown it.
Neutral Cricket Australia Mic not Fox Cricket.


I heard that the agreement was that the pitch report and toss was Fox produced for Tests and Seven produced for twenty20s


I don’t mind them, can actually read them.
Basic is how I’d describe them.



Forcing myself to sample Seven’s coverage for a little while and is it even in HD? Looks shit compared to Fox.


it’s MUCH better than the multi-coloured abomination on fox cricket


Ponting is very refreshing as a commentator. The others seem alright.



Looks as HD as anything else we get from 7 in Tasmania (where I am). Put it this way, looks massively better than the WBBL did the other day on 7mate in glorious SD.