Seven Cricket Coverage


could someone post the article on here copy and paste. i cant see the article for some reason


I’d blame Cricket Australia for this. Fox and CA are corrupt and should be investigated. Seven is merely a puppet of Fox in this scenario, so it isn’t 100% their problems given that they have been used by Fox in the wake of losing tennis.


When live cricket is on, 7Plus live streams will just show episodes of Border Security International. You’ll have to get Kayo to stream even what are otherwise free to air games.


It’s no different to previous years where you had to buy a ‘CA Live Pass’ subscription to stream Nine & Ten’s coverage (unless you were an Optus customer)


But with Kayo, you will only hear commentary from Fox Cricket’s team, not Seven’s.


I wonder how many people especially the elderly, will turn their TV sets on tomorrow morning automatically to Channel 9, not knowing the Cricket is now on Channel 7.


Don’t worry, some members are probably hoping for that to happen anyway.


maybe they could have a sign that says sorry please move to seven to watch the cricket?


Nine telling viewers to turn over to Seven? I can’t see that happening.


Um…why would Nine promote something at their biggest rival?


Isn’t that what the Today Show is for anyway?


More behind the scenes at Seven’s coverage, as shown on Today Tonight SA this evening.


Correct, But the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race And Cycling Down Under That Seven had Accquired will be On 7plus.



Seven’s first promo during the cricket - it’s going to be a long summer :wink:


Coverage seems alright, but seems rather slow moving.


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I found the same on Nine when they went to the extended preview programme, the old 10 minutes was a bit rushed but an hour contains a lot of padding.


A Domayne Test Series would have blended in nicely with Harvey Norman. :smiley:


A 10:30am start would have sufficed - 30 minutes pre-game is plenty for free-to-air.