Seven Cricket Coverage


HD for a start.


True that. Can they not put sunrise on 7mate or 7two?


Anyone else think it’s odd how Brayshaw has the pleasure of being a host but is also one of the callers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Okay, there might not be a huge array of cricket callers available for full time test cricket television.

But surely there would’ve been a couple of other options, to loosen up Brayshaw for host only? Especially as his commentary seems to divide many.


You think Brayshaw needs a two hour break to prepare for the next hosting spot? Richie Benaud coped with the pressure.


No, Benaud and Nicholas didn’t have any problems. I’m curious as to why they need bother with a separate at host anyway.


Is this a question that requires an answer?

I was questioning why/if Brayshaw needs to commentate at all.


Note Tim Lane and Glenn McGrath are also calling the test for Macquarie Sports Radio, while Gillespie will provide special comments for ABC Radio.




Does Test cricket need ball-by-ball commentators? I hope they still let them talk about the game and not just ‘call’ it.

I can also imagine Mel getting really bored during the day without her involved in commentary


Wouldn’t want to prognosticate. Have to just wait and see :slight_smile:


In regards to Seven’s opting for a play-by-play approach like say AFL/NRL, perhaps part of their own new ID for cricket? Back to traditional radio roots? I actually prefer it.

Nine’s chatter/locker room banter style in recent years is what got them into the shit!


I know there’s a general dislike of ‘play by play’ commentators here, which I can understand to an extent but it’s only a marginal change from the previous at Nine. They always had a lead man/anchor in the box, whether you noticed it or not.


Being paid big dollars to sit in a corporate box watching a sport that she’s hugely passionate about, yep she really drew the short straw here.


Host is the biggest role of all, your face on camera, ad lib a lot of the time or memorise script pointers (unless there’s an autocue which is uncommon on live sport).

Mel is competent enough, though some here (namely @cmo) have criticised her live hosting in recent times at Olympics/Winter Olympics/Aus Open. She was notably shafted for Comm Games wasn’t she?

Hamish must be pretty pissed one would imagine :wink: Though he’s probably sitting back saying “well Mel, I’m a shoe in for Tokyo 2020 night time” lol


Perhaps you’re over thinking things just a little.


Very interesting piece on how 7 are approaching cricket broadcasting with a lot of new information.


Has there ever been a more lacklustre build up to a cricket season like this year? Hardly any buzz. Hopefully CA suffer because of all this mess they’ve created with rights and the culture of the cricket team.


Twitter is not going to be kind, particularly to James Brayshaw. Barham is obsessed with ball-by-ball.


Fantastic article. Anyone know of this “Southbank production office” as referred to in that article? Says they’ve already had rehearsals, a mock set, etc. Also sounds like Barham is still doing interviews and involved, despite a report he’s taken extended leave. Maybe his role is more supervisory/in the office? This Chris Jones is the operational EP by the sounds of it.


I haven’t investigated how streaming will work with this deal. Can Seven’s coverage be streamed on 7Plus or will it need to be through the Cricket Australia website/app?

It will be interesting to have two sources to choose from with the Foxtel coverage as well.


I’m going to have a guess and say it won’t be on 7Plus. CA wants all the revenue it can. Remember - they are greedy bastards who did the deal in the middle of a cock-up. They want you on Foxtel or Kayo Sports.