Seven Cricket Coverage


First impressions, haven’t switched over to Foxtel but it’s watchable and hasn’t annoyed me greatly yet! So that’s good enough for me, I’ll return. I just hope the Hurricanes can go alright this season. They went terribly last year but they sacked the coach after last season… who is now one of the Channel 7 commentators - Julia Price!


Fox are carrying Seven’s coverage


Same graphics too I assume then? The kids have lost the remote control. lol May not need it after all!


The graphics are very minimalist, kind of bland actually.


When is the first test?


So no different commentators?
Only difference is SD on 7mate versus $10 HD of Foxtel?


Thursday, coverage starts 10am.


A couple of images from 7Cricket’s twitter

Also you now need Kayo Sports to stream this game online.


THis rights deal sounds more and more horrific as it ramps up. It’s going to be a long 6 years of this shit.


Yep, same commentators and yep HD with the Foxtel (well it looks like it)

Found the remote, the other changes are no ad-breaks on Fox and none of the 7 in program advertising - test match broadcast details etc…


Broadcasting, coverage, streaming-wise, I’d say yes. Cricket Australia going from strength to strength by completely cutting off the game after their scandal.


oooh there’s a little score bug during the change of innings ad break.


Fox Cricket using the same graphics as 7


What does people think of the coverage so far?


the coverage is good besides the graphics. They are too seven newsy- i loved the ten graphics!


Factually what I said was Sunrise is always bigger than anything else on Seven; ie Olympic - sunrise was still on even though events were taking place.

I have said on a number of times, I will wait until I see their test coverage to give a view of it. This coming week, I however will enjoy watching the cricket from the Oval, and not in front of the box.

I have also stated, it’s not the commercial network that has the cricket, I couldn’t care less if it was Nine, Seven or Ten; i have always been a strong advocate around the poorly thought out TV rights in which CA gave out.

So unlike the after dark SkyNews, I atleast back myself up with facts, and base my views on what has happened in the pass when sport and sunrise are happening at the same time.


I find these graphics to be quite similar to the ones for the 7 News. These graphics look quite News-centric to me. They should have used the package for what Channel 7 produce with the AFL with these graphics instead.



Who is the Grade Cricketer?


He’s a mystery!

If you’re unaware, he’s on twitter @gradecricketer , as far as I know still playing grade cricket and providing humourous observations.