Seven Cricket Coverage


When WBBL clashes with Test Cricket, I believe that Andy Maher will call the WBBL Games, while James Brayshaw, Glenn McGrath, Tim Lane, Bruce McAvaney (Melb and Syd Test) will call the Test Matches.


Who in their right mind is going to watch Women’s BBL while there is a Test match on at the same time?


A desparate Aussie cricket fan if we get smashed by the Indians this year :smile:


Probably the female audience who will be watching the WBBL?

Otherwise, probably everyone else if the Aussies are doing terribly and there’s a better competition on there.


Ridiculous scheduling from the organisers. Given the WBBL has exactly the same teams, every single match should just be played as a warm up to the mens


I disagree. Better as standalone, defeats the purpose of T20 if they play double headers by making a full day at the cricket.


WBBL is also going to a lot of other places where the BBL isn’t going so there’s a bit more exposure for the game in other places.



Maybe it can be like old days and only show test some sessions on 7 (reflecting on the good old days i tried to get win tv and 5a when the tests were being played in Sydney) and show wbbl instead so not to clash. Unfortunately these days, only foxtel no fuzzy Wollongong reception :frowning: (the comments are tongue and cheek :slight_smile:) I do enjoy womens cricket but it will take me some time to get over the fact that all international womens is on free to air but the mens is not. Sorry to sound like a broken down record player. Rest assured, by the time the ashes and world cup comes next year I will be over it.


Not exactly progress is it…


According to online guides, for the first three days of first test next week between Australia and India, coverage in WA will begin on 7mate at 7am local time, so that Sunrise can continue on main channel. Cricket will switch to main channel at 9am.


Channel 9 never did this during Test matches IIRC. The Today show was always live or near live into WA. It should be at 8am but anyway. People don’t like channel switching, they prefer to watch one in its entirety on the one channel for that day.


Welcome to Seven showing cricket. lol. And people said Nine was bad, lol. :joy:. Sunrise is always bigger than anything on seven! :rofl::joy:


However, when Seven had the rights to Australian Open tennis, it was willing to finish Sunrise early at 7.30am/8am in WA so it could show live tennis.


Return from investment is probably greater from Sunrise. This over priced non exclusive deal is likely to set cricket back years and put a big hole in Seven’s books for years to come.


Looking forward to channel Seven’s Test Crickey Briadcast debut in Australia


Counting down… I’m interested to see the production values… camera placement… graphics…

I think we know what to expect from the commentary - I’m guessing more a 10/Foxtel style.


It’s all about this? And she pointed to the Men’s trophy?


That’s what I noticed too and pointed out, was quite funny.


It’s become evident that your views about this cricket rights deal means the associated commentary you have/will provide about the coverage will mostly be about as ‘unbiased’ as the commentary you get on Sky News After Dark…

However, you seriously can’t make an assessment about what their coverage will be like based solely on an puzzling scheduling decision