Sort of. Nine was the show’s original home in Australia (1993 I think). They aired it in a mid evening time slot but it wasn’t popular and they quickly pulled it off air. Ten certainly made it popular when they acquired the rights from Nine and ran it over the summer of 1993-1994 on Tuesday nights 8pm after Roseanne.


It was. I think they onsold it to Ten, after a couple of years.

Yes, I think it was a really odd timeslot like 9pm or later and then quickly moved it to 10.30pm.

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From @TelevisionAU’s site listing TV Week highlights for the week September 25-October 3, 1993:



According to my research, Nine aired Seinfeld at the 10:30pm Thursdays timeslot from the start, commencing from 9th September 1993. The reason Nine stopped showing the show less than 2 months later was because they had lost the rights to Ten, which had picked up the output deal with Columbia-Tristar, who distributed the show at the time. Ten then put the show in a more viewer-friendly timeslot & the rest, as they say, is history.

Nine regained the rights in 2008 when they picked up the output deal with Sony Pictures. It was later moved to the Seven Network from December 2012 when the network picked up the aforementioned output deal, although later seasons continued to air on the Nine Network into 2013.


I may be mistaken but I seem to recall the first ep going to air at 9pm or 9.30pm. It struck me at the time that they may have been attempting to emulate the moderate success they’d had with Cheers in a similar mid evening Thursday night slot and the success NBC was having with their powerhouse Thursday night sitcom lineup in the US.


It was 10:30pm. Preview result from the SMH archives:

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Thanks for that. It was bugging me. I must’ve been thinking about Cheers or Married With Children. I get hung up on stupid shit at times.

EDIT: Thursday, September 9, 1993. Bloody WIN didn’t even run it until 11.30pm.


I’m surprised that a CBS own network has an NBC program airing or is it a case of who distributes it now days which I’m guessing is the answer to my question.

Yes, it is licenced by SPTV.

It always goes by distributor. That is their job after all.

I started watching Senfield during the time when widescreen (using an “open-matte” style process) repeats aired on 7mate. I never got around to see the GO! repeats, but I presume they would’ve have unplastered logos (as with many of GO!'s prints of older Sony content)…

Seinfeld is moving to 10 Peach from 1 July.

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