There’s a big change coming to Nine.Two legends of Australian television, Sigrid Thornton and John Howard, are reprising their roles as Laura Gibson and Bob Jelly in the beloved drama series, SeaChange.

Twenty years on, Laura (Thornton) returns to the beachside paradise of Pearl Bay. However, it seems that this time around Pearl Bay needs Laura just as much as she needs it.

Original creator and head writer, Deb Cox, returns as Executive Producer alongside Sigrid Thornton, Fiona Eager and David Mott. SeaChange will commence production in 2019.

Sigrid Thornton said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be returning to Pearl Bay. Time has passed and the world has changed, so as we revisit this rich and strange place I trust we’ll all delight in the chance to explore how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. I can hardly wait.”

Andy Ryan, Nine’s co-Head of Drama, said: “Two decades after SeaChange changed the face of Australian drama, Pearl Bay is still a hotbed of romance, mateship and community spirit. With plenty of fresh faces the new challenges, SeaChange is perfect family entertainment.”

Jo Rooney, Nine’s co-Head of Drama, said: “SeaChange is one of Australia’s most successful and best-loved dramas, and we’re excited to rekindle that magic for a new generation of viewers. The perils faced by Laura and the townsfolk of Pearl Bay are more topical than ever, and we can’t wait to see how they respond.”

SeaChange is produced by ITV and Every Cloud Productions for Nine.


I think ITV Studios Australia holds the rights to SeaChange, since it bought Artists Services which produced the original series for the ABC from 1998 to 2000.
When the series ended in 2000 it was thought the show ended on a high. What caused the comeback?

Money caused the comeback lol.

This could work if they do not rely on Nostalgia too heavily, the audience that was there previously is not there now. Likewise the ABC drama audience is about as opposite of the Nine Drama audience as you get!

Everybody knows this should be written as SeaChange. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Sydney Morning Herald reports the SeaChange reboot was discussed initially with the ABC but ITV Studios Australia CEO David Mott said the national broadcaster had responded by saying it “did not feel right for them at the time.” Once they passed on the project, Nine stepped into the frame.

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Very true.

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So now both Seven and Nine doing sequels to ABC shows. Can’t get their own original ideas.


IMO, whether or not the 2019 reboot of Seachange becomes a ratings success for Nine will depend quite a lot on where the network decides to schedule it. It’d probably get decent ratings with a female-targeted franchise like Love Island as the lead-in program.

What I suspect Nine wanted (but won’t get in 2019 at least due to the production timetable) is for the combination of Married At First Sight followed by Seachange - that would potentially be huge for the network! If asked whether Seachange would rate that well on Nine with a more male-skewed franchise like Ninja Warrior as the lead-in, I’d probably have to say no.

ugh, must be for the older viewers?

I don’t think anybody asked for this show to return, to be honest.


FAB - can’t wait for this. Love this show.

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There’s always one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or two :joy:

Or three.

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I would much prefer if they brought back Water Rats, Stingers or McLouds Daughters :grinning:


STOP :clap: REBOOTING :clap: OLD :clap: PROGRAMS :clap:



This show collected multiple awards and massive ratings when it aired so I can see why they are returning it. I suspect it will skew older.

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And where does older fit in Nines schedule??
SeaChange is Saturday winter 7:30 viewing…but isn’t that split viewing across states for Nine?
Hope they don’t waste it @8:30 after stripped 7:30 reality as it won’t get an audience
Maybe 7:30 Wednesday in the old McLeods Daughters slot?


It’s a charming family drama with heritage characters of all ages, and new ones added. Certainly worth revisiting.

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