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Discussion of international news bulletins carried on SBS and SBS Vicelands

Looks like a relaunch of WorldWatch following the main channel’s rebrand last year; some elements of the existing package remain, as seen here from about 59 seconds.

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What’s the story with Punjabi News? The intro music is the same as this?

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The announcement of SBS2 becoming Viceland at the end of this year could put the future of Worldwatch into doubt. At the moment around 20 news bulletins from around the world are shown on SBS and SBS2 every weekday from early morning to mid afternoon. SBS2 also shows bulletins moved over from the main channel when live sport is on. If Viceland becomes a 24/7 channel with its own distinct type of programming, it will be impossible for all these bulletins to be shown only on the main channel. I fear some bulletins may be dumped completely or can only be watched on SBS website, which will be unfair to viewers who have limited or no internet access but want to hear the news from their homeland.

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During SBS World News tonight, it was announced that SBS will show ABC (US) This Week on Monday mornings at 6:30am


Does SBS Worldwatch still present the message when SBS Worldwatch Bulletin scheduled isn’t recieved by the overseas provider? If yes, does anyone have a photo of the message in 2020 now?

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CGTN, a 15-minute Mandarin service, and CCTV, a 30-minute English language service, are aired on SBS as part of World Watch programming.

Isn’t CGTN the international (English language) service?

Yes, I believe that’s correct.

CGTN also broadcasts on Foxtel channels 653 and 654 (the latter being their “Documentary” channel), it’ll be interesting to see how long those remain on the platform in light of SBS suspending the use of CGTN programming as part of WorldWatch.

SBS’s temporary suspension of CGTN bulletins could not have come at the worst time, given the current tense diplomatic and trade relationship between Australia and China. It will be interesting to hear the response from the Chinese Embassy in Canberra.
(Last month, the Chinese government revoked the right of BBC to broadcast in mainland China, partly as retaliation to UK media watchdog Ofcom’s revoking the licence of CGTN)

EDIT: SBS’s suspension of CGTN bulletins was discussed in detail on both Mandarin and Cantonese language shows on SBS Radio this morning (6/3).

EDIT 2 12/7: According to The Australian, SBS still has not completed its review into CGTN and the bulletin remains off air.

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The English live stream is available on the website, and stories are regularly added to the website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Aside from the political aspect, does it really matter that much that it’s not on SBS?

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