SBS Viceland - Programs and Schedules

Considering they’ve been airing the Giro D’Italia in prime time on there for what is supposed to be a young demo prime-time channel, it is actually not a bad idea.


Alone - Season 9

All eleven episodes of Alone S9 will be available on SBS On Demand from Wednesday, 24 May.

Episodes will also air on SBS VICELAND weekly starting Tuesday, 30 May at 8.30pm.

Ten new participants have a chance to win $500,000 as they try their best to survive in one of Earth’s harshest locations. Shortly after drop-off across Northeastern Labrador, Canada, the survivalists are forced to make quick decisions in the face of imminent weather.

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Billionaires Who Made Our World

From Sunday 28 May 8:30 PM

A landmark documentary series about four of the most powerful men on earth, who’ve reshaped our lives and become arguably the richest in history.

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Travel Man: 96 Hours in Rio

Tuesday 30 May 9:40 pm

Joe Lycett jets to Brazil to present the definitive guide to how to spend 96 hours in Rio De Janeiro.

Joining him on this supersized seasonal minibreak is the actor, comedian, presenter and author, Stephen Mangan. In a packed four-day schedule they explore Rio’s sights, sports, music, food, drink, and pretty much everything else.

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