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State Funeral of Les Murray AM

Monday 14 August Live to all markets from 10:50am AEST

Following advice from the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet regarding details of the State Funeral of Les Murray AM, SBS is pleased to confirm the funeral will be broadcast live to all Australians on SBS and SBS HD.

The State Funeral will commence at 11.00am on Monday 14 August at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney. The funeral is open to the public.

SBS has advised “Media companies are welcome to access the feed to broadcast on their own channels.”



How is the feed going to be sent?





The Obesity Myth

New three-part documentary series premieres Monday 4 September at 7:30pm

Fifty years ago obesity barely existed. Today, almost two out of three Australian adults are either clinically obese or overweight*. So why, in the midst of a global obesity epidemic**, are obese people judged, criticized and shunned, rather than being supported to improve their health?

The Obesity Myth is a new three-part documentary series, produced for SBS by the award-winning CJZ (Go Back to Where You Came From, Gruen), which challenges the commonly held view that obesity is the result of lifestyle choice.

The series follows the staff and patients at Melbourne public hospital Austin Health, where doctors are using new research to treat obesity as a genetic illness which is in alignment with the World Health Organisation’s classification of obesity as a disease.
Through stories of hope, determination and adversity it reveals the broader challenges facing Australian society and medical systems as they try to deal with the global obesity epidemic**.

International obesity expert Professor Joe Proietto is the head of Austin Health’s Weight Control Clinic. He believes people are obese because of a certain genetic pre-disposition which means they experience significantly more hunger and need to eat more food to feel full than a thin person. Professor Proietto’s approach to weight loss is sought after – patients often wait up to two years for an appointment, and treatment begins with an extremely low carb diet, often followed by appetite suppressing medication.

For patients who struggle on Professor Proietto’s diet, the last resort is bariatric surgery, where most of the patient’s stomach is permanently removed, or a lap band or balloon is inserted into the stomach. Headed by Ahmad Aly, Austin Health’s bariatric clinic performs 80 operations each year under the public health system.

The Obesity Myth follows several Weight Control Clinic patients including Karen, a 40-year-old wheelchair-bound woman who tips the scales at 246kg and has been a patient at the clinic for over 12 months but is showing little progress; 27-year-old vlogger and musician, Flick, who spent all of her schooling years as the biggest kid in class; Tracey, a vivacious 48-year-old mum-of-two who has lost over 73kg in 12 months and is taking a chance and coming off her appetite suppressant medication after reaching her goal weight; and greyhound-loving Wayne who was diagnosed with weight-related diabetes as a teen and is now facing foot amputation aged 40.

Bariatric Surgery patients featured in the series include former New Zealand national gridiron player Robert who weighs more than 200kg and faces premature death if he can’t lose weight; Huss, a Lebanese Australian boxer who is struggling to deal with the challenge of eating significantly less food post-surgery; and Lebanese-born author and academic Marie who’s weight gain was a symptom of hormone-balancing medication and has put unbearable pressure on her prosthetic legs.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald said:
“With almost two-thirds of Australian adults tipping the scales as overweight or obese, the issue of diet and health affects millions across different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The Obesity Myth is an important program that will help break down barriers to social cohesion by sharing the deeply personal stories of those who have struggled with obesity, and challenging commonly held views that obesity is the result of lifestyle choice.”

Alongside The Obesity Myth, SBS will offer a range of content exploring the wider issues of diet and health throughout September, including in-depth articles online via, curated programming on SBS On Demand, an episode of Insight investigating eating disorders, a Dateline documentary looking at the most obese country in the world and a number of stories across SBS World News platforms.



News Corp reports new four part crime thriller Dead Lucky begins filming in Sydney next week. It stars Rachel Griffiths, Ian Meadows, Rhys Muldoon, Brooke Satchwell and Matt Nable.



New AFL documentary Fair Game debuts on SBS on Demand on Sunday, August 27 and screens on SBS on Sunday, September 3 at 9.45pm. Co-produced with New York-based filmmaker Jeff Daniels, former player Heritier Lumumba recounts his time playing for Collingwood and his personal life.



New three-part documentary Railways that Built Britain premieres on SBS this Wednesday (September 27) at 7.30pm. In the series, Chris Tarrant examines how trains transformed the nation and shaped modern Britain from the 1820s to their demise in the 1960s. It aired on Channel 5 in UK in February this year.



Food Safari Earth

From Thursday 12 October at 8.00pm

Discover the bounty of the earth with Maeve O’Meara in Food Safari Earth

"Food Safari Earth is one of the most inspiring series we’ve made – each day after filming with chefs and home cooks who draw on recipes from around the world, I can’t wait to get into my own kitchen to try and recreate those fabulous flavours.” – Maeve O’Meara

Australia’s empress of food television, Maeve O’Meara returns to SBS with Food Safari Earth, exploring how multicultural Australia cooks with the delicious variety of fresh vegetables, exotic fruits, herbs, grains, pulses and flowers cultivated by Mother Nature.

Each of the 13 episodes explores a different range of ingredients through the eyes of prominent members of the Australian food scene, from authentic home cooks who have migrated from Ethiopia, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and more; to hatted-restaurant Head Chefs like Danielle Alvarez, Martin Benn, Peter Gilmore, Guy Grossi, Andrew McConnell, Tetsuya Wakuda, and Frederico Zanellato.

Maeve uncovers ancient methods and techniques passed down through the generations alongside high-end scientific dishes and classic vegetable-driven meals from around the world.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald, said:

“Our audiences love Maeve O’Meara and Food Safari – they delight in the show’s knowledge, understanding and passion for food of all cultures. We’re thrilled to be bringing an inspiring new series to audiences that showcases how the freshest seasonal produce can create amazing flavours, colours and textures. Food Safari Earth is a visual delight featuring the top chefs and best cooks of multicultural Australia, combining food as art with practical, achievable recipes.”

Filmed across the four seasons and with unprecedented access to some of the best Australian farms, gardens, and production lines, Food Safari Earth features a vast array of recipes that present the earth’s treasures at their absolute best.

“This series will inspire food lovers and introduce all Australians to imaginative ways of creating with vegetables. There’s no doubt vegetables are the new black and they’re damned sexy!” – Maeve O’Meara.

Food Safari Earth airs Thursdays at 8.00pm on SBS from 12 October.



The Mosque Next Door

Three-part series premieres Wednesday 8 November, 8.30pm on SBS

For many non-Muslim Australians, the mosque is shrouded in mystery, and for some, controversy. But how many Australians have ever stepped inside one?

For the first time in Australia, television cameras were given unprecedented 24-hour access into an Australian mosque for SBS’s new three-part documentary series, The Mosque Next Door.

Brisbane’s Holland Park Mosque is one of the oldest in Australia. Located near Pauline Hanson’s former electorate when she was first elected to federal parliament, the mosque has found itself in the firing line amidst growing fears from some in the wider community that Islam is contrary to the ‘Australian way of life’.

Now, the mosque throws open its doors for a look at a year in the life of the people inside – through the realities of life, love and a struggle for acceptance in modern Australia.

The series introduces cricket-loving patriarch, mosque leader Imam Uzair; his best mate and community fix-it man, Ali Kadri; and a diverse congregation, including outspoken women’s advocates Galila and her daughter Maryam, and fourth generation mosque goer, Janeth. Meet ex-bikie Robbie, who served time behind bars before converting to Islam five years ago and is now a community worker and youth mentor; and Lamisse, who turned her back on Islam in her teens but now as a young woman is reconciling her faith and identity.

The Mosque Next Door explores the tough, hot-button issues facing Muslim communities across Australia – Islamophobia, radicalism, viral online videos of extremists, terrorism-related investigations, the role of women in the mosque, and how some of the more traditional aspects of Muslim faith fit in with a modern Australian way of life.

The series also reveals the rarely seen lighter side to the community: Ali is searching for true love via a locally renowned matchmaker, and Janeth is on a mission to erect a new flagpole which has impacts on the beloved ‘MCG’ (mosque cricket ground).

As the mosque faces pressures from both inside and out, the congregation come together with community spirit, camaraderie and of course, Halal Snack Packs.

SBS Director of TV and Online Content, Marshall Heald, said:

“The Mosque Next Door is a true Australian TV first. All-areas access to the lives of one Australian community for a year, this kind of in-depth documentary storytelling is powerful in its ability to give voice to a group of people who face constant misconceptions about their culture, religion and way of life.

“With honesty, humour, warmth and relatability, this is a program which can help break down barriers and foster understanding between Muslim and non-Muslim Australia.”

The Mosque Next Door is a Southern Pictures production, with principal funding from Screen Australia, in association with SBS and Screen Queensland.

The Mosque Next Door begins Wednesday 8 November, 8.30pm on SBS, and continues on Wednesdays. Episodes will be available after broadcast anytime, anywhere, for free via SBS On Demand.



SBS has just completed a re-run of the Foxtel show River Cottage Australia in the 6.00pm timeslot. It started in July but finished about a week ago.

Now SBS is starting re-runs again on Monday nights at 7.30? What’s with the high rotation for this show?? According to the EPG it’s starting the same series over again that we’ve literally just seen.

And Monday 7.30 has never been a “foodie” timeslot for SBS. It’s usually been on Thursday nights. I don’t really know what they’re playing at. Is the budget looking that dire that they’re firstly re-running Foxtel content but also re-running it twice in quick succession.



c21 reports SBS has bought the rights to two documentaries on the royal family: Elizabeth (8x60’) by ITN Productions for Channel 5, which charts the life and current reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and The Private Lives of the Monarchs (5×60’) .

RealScreen reports SBS has bought the 10-part, 18-hour documentary series The Vietnam War from PBS America. It is directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, who previously co-produced documentaries including Baseball and Jazz.



c21 reports SBS has bought the rights to a new French documentary, ISIS Next Generation (1×52’) which focuses on the children caught up in Islamic State. It features exclusive interviews of a young generation of survivors, victims and witnesses.



Pauline Hanson is a regular viewer of late night SBS programs.



The reputation is so 1980s which is probably the last time she watched SBS

And given one of her candidates has just been outed as a sex-shop owner I’d say other members of her party don’t have the same opinion of p0rn that she has :thinking:



I couldn’t find an SD version of the main channel last night, only the MPEG-4 HD channel. Does it not have an SD channel, and if not how long has it been like that? It looks as though anyone without MP4 can’t watch SBS. The other networks have HD and SD versions of their main channels.



Strange. My parents have an older set that doesn’t do Mpeg4 but I’m pretty sure they still get SBS in SD. Might have to check next time i am there

EDIT: according to the SBS website they’re still doing SD on LCN 3



Okay, thanks. That’s the most obvious channel but I didn’t think of it. I was looking for the SBS equivalent of ABC 21 and Seven 71, but it doesn’t have one.



Home Planet season of documentaries

But over the first week of the New Year, SBS brings you a series of documentaries that allow you to do just that from the comfort of your own couch.

With a focus on our planet and the galaxy around us, these eight visually stunning docos display the beauty and fragility of our world, as well as its place in the bigger picture of outer space.

Earth from Space

This one pretty much does what it says on the box – taking an astronaut’s eye view of our planet. Earth from Space had been made in consultation with NASA and features dazzling visual sequences exposing the intricate and surprising web of forces that sustains life on Earth.

Sunday 31 December at 8:30pm

Meteor Strike: Fireball from Space

Five years ago, on 15 February, 2013, a meteor burst into the atmosphere, exploding in Siberia with the power of 30 Hiroshima bombs. This doco follows scientists in Russia as they determine where the meteor came from and compares this explosion with others in the past, including the asteroid that brought about the end of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Monday 1 January at 8:30pm

Man Made Planet

Astronauts have been taking photos of Earth from space for 45 years – and in that time, the changes to our planet are quite noticeable, even at such a distance. Using time-lapse sequences, Man Made Planet show how humans have impacted our environment on a global scale.

Tuesday 2 January at 8:30pm

Space Volcanoes

Volcanoes are an awe-inspiring and potentially devastating part of Earth’s structure. But they pale into comparison next to the volcanoes on other planets, including the ice volcanoes of Jupiter’s frigid moons to ancient Martian super-volcanoes. Space Volcanoes uses a combination of CGI and images taken in space to recreate the spectacular and dramatic formations found on our neighbouring planets and beyond.

Wednesday 3 January at 7:30pm

Strange Signals From Outer Space!

Is there anybody out there? That’s the question humans have asked for generations. And very recently, mysterious signals have been detected from the depths of space. What are these “Fast Radio Bursts” and who (or what) is sending them? This doco examines the efforts to understand the signals and puts them in the context of our continued effort to make contact with extraterrestrial life.

Wednesday 3 January at 8:30pm

Mars: A Traveller’s Guide

Think of this as TripAdvisor: Mars Edition. We’ve never known as much about our next-door neighbour, and this special makes use of the plethora of maps, surface photos and information about Mars to put together a guide to the red planet. With the prospect of humans setting foot on Mars a possibility in our lifetime, this shows us what we can expect once we get there.

Thursday 4 January at 8:30pm

Human Planet

Human Planet brings things back down to Earth by looking at some of the extreme environments on our planet and how we have adapted to them – or made them adapt to us. From the Arctic to the deserts, the oceans to the mountains, explore our world by hearing unique stories of human survival accompanied by cinema-quality footage.

Friday 5 January at 7:30pm

Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon

No look at humankind’s relationship with outer space would be complete without revisiting the life of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the surface of the Moon. Five years after his death, this doco speaks to Armstrong’s family and friends – many going on the record for the first time – about his amazing life.

Saturday 6 January at 9:30pm



A bit odd that Prime syndicated their Ray Martin documentary to SBS and not 7?



maybe 7 didn’t want it