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I would assume it would be this - you take all the SBS channels’ ratings in 2015 (without Food) and then take all the channels in 2016 so far (with Food) and that would be a net jump of 2.2% on top of the 2015 average?

I still can’t get any numbers to come close to 2.2%. For example SBS in 2015 prior to SBS Food averaged 6.2% and since then 7.9% .

Perhaps it’s some sort of comparison to the previous year.

All this attention on SC and WIN for July 1 appears to have overshadowed the announcement that Food Network will run state-based schedules from this date, rather than running everything on AEST.


Maybe it’s because I’ve never really watched the channel that much apart from the occasional flick, but admittedly I wasn’t aware that Food Network is/was running the same schedule nationwide. Good to know that viewers in non-AEST timezones will be able to watch shows in “the proper times” from July 1 nonetheless.

given that the schedule is pretty much on a loop you wonder what is the point of running state-based schedules.


Gabriel Gate’s Taste Le Tour, a gastronomic journey that follows the route of Tour de France, will get additional screening on Food Network so people who miss the premiere on the main channel at the start of each stage broadcast will not miss out. It is usually shown on Food Network at 6.25pm and 11.25pm the night after each stage. For example, the first episode premieres on SBS during stage 1 this Saturday (July 2) and is repeated on Food Network on Sunday.

Former MasterChef contestant Ben Milbourne will have two food shows starting in February. Apart from Food Lab on Ten (starts Saturday, February 4 at 3pm), he and good friend Andy Allen will host Andy + Ben Eat Australia, a 15-part food/travel series and Food Network’s first ever local commission. It premieres Wednesday, February 15 at 9.30pm with double episodes.

SBS Food Network

Week Commencing Sunday 30th April 2017

Sunday 30th April

7:00PM Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations S4 EP3 (CC)
7:55PM Tasty Conversations With Audra Morrice
8:00PM Clash Of The Grandmas (Subtitles)
8:55PM Duff Goldman In Australia
9:00PM Secret Eats With Adam Richman (Subtitles) Double Episode
10:00PM Kids Baking Championship S2 E5

Monday 1st May

7:00PM Man V. Food Best Of
7:25PM Poh & Co. Bitesize S2 E7 (CC)
7:30PM Surfing The Menu: Next Generation
8:00PM Surfing The Menu S1 E1
8:30PM Grandma’s Boy (Subtitles) Double Episode
9:25PM Best Thing I Ever Ate Bitesize Asia
9:30PM Mystery Diners Double Episode

Tuesday 2nd May
7:00PM Man V. Food Best Of
7:25PM Poh & Co. Bitesize S2 E8 (CC)
7:30PM Cupcake Wars
8:25PM Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong Bitesize S2 E5
8:30PM Cooks Vs. Cons
9:25 Best Thing I Ever Ate Bitesize
9:30PM Mystery Diners Double Episode

Looks like ‘No Reservations’ has been dumped in flavor of something else tonight. EPG still showing No Reservations tho.

Heston’s Great British Food


From Friday 3 August at 7.30pm

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is back on another gastronomic journey. He explores the stories behind Britain’s favourite dishes.

SBS will drop Scripps-produced US food shows from Food Network in mid November, once the broadcaster’s three-year deal with Scripps finishes.

Here is a chance for Nine to pick up those food shows for its digital channel 9Life.

Good riddance.

As far as the graphics and On-Air Presentation is concerned, should we expect to see a completely new look from November 17 or just the current stuff rebadged for a “SBS Food” logo?

I think there will be a new SBS Food logo, since the current Food Network logo is used under licence from Discovery Inc. which owns the original Food Network in the US.

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Seems like from the programming lineup that SBS Food will be more ‘charter friendly’ so to speak compared to the current Food Network JV

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Bugger. I hope they get through Mystery Diners before the deal ends.

Would be good to have SBS food in HD, not sure if they would have the bandwidth for that though.



Seven has recently lodged a trademark application for 7FOOD, and Pacific Magazines have got the domain … I’m wondering if that means anything in relation to the Food Network programs being available after they leave SBS.

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Where’s that from?