Saving Ten

Discuss new program ideas here, suggestions on how to save the network’s programming etc.

Actual scheduling and commission discussion to remain in usual threads.


This should be a show that Ten actually airs. Structure it like Shark Tank and have television makers come in and pitch their ideas of new content.

Call it The Pitch or The Writer’s Room perhaps. I say this in jest of course, but some sort of show like this which shows the beginning, middle and end of a tv production or telemovie could be interesting.

The public would vote on the most popular ideas and the winning one would get made along with funding from Screen Australia and shown the following week.

I hope their already announced Pilot Week (that is coming around July) will deliver some new original content as well.


Ten needs a Rove style show. We don’t have a show of that style in Australia currently. While I would love to see it as a late-night show each night (Live Mon-Thu, taped Friday), Australia doesnt have the audience for that. So a weekly show would surfice. I’d like to see someone like Tommy Little host.

Also, as we’ve said before, Late News, Live and Local. Use the 5PM Presenters to start with and then transition to up and coming presenters. Ten Eyewitness News Primetime. 10pm Weeknights.

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I agree but its all about cost. Programs like tjis in the UK and US seem to be easily sold to overseas markets but that wouldnt happen with a local show.

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SBS has a 10:30pm news and ABC airs Lateline somewhere around that time on ABC, plus you have ABC News 24 so I am not sure that a full 10:00pm News program would work. Perhaps something that might work a little batter with less cost is if The Project had a News brief at 6:30pm, 7pm and 7:25pm where they cross to the newsroom for a breakfast show style news brief (the late night repeat could have updated news briefs). A little more cost for up to date news. Probably move it forward to 10:30pm/11pm weeknights and possibly use the 10:30pm shows on Saturday night to fill that night out. If it creates a void between The Late Show and the infomercials, maybe they could try and work out some Crawford’s Classics with Bruce, I am sure there aren’t too many people watching after midnight anyway

Lateline has been axed remember?

How about a 23-hour widescreen broadcast of your mum


What are you going to air for the other hour?

News of course.

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Well you aren’t catering for the female or gay audience. What about airing your dad during that hour?

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It’s a pity the networks don’t run the test card anymore. An image of you in one of your infamous knitted jumpers would be perfect for that. It may even rate better than Family Feud as a half hour of stand alone programming on Ten.


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yeah like theres no competition for breakfast. I hate this argument.

agree on both counts. A Rove show is needed, and CBS would want to beef up Ten News on screen hours and LOCAL news after primetime/late primetime would be a great addition. Use the same teams, have reporters do daytime updates instead. Local @ 5 & 9.30 - Ten Eyewitness News.

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I think Ten should air the Late News again, instead of airing The Project repeats. I’d air the Late News at around 11. And have Sport Tonight air afterwards. Should surely rate better than the Project repeats? It might help boost Ten’s later shares…

Surely its time to get rid of Family Feud? Its been rating dreadful lately…

In place of Family Feud I would air Sports Tonight or something like that

Too late. Australians aren’t up that late in large enough numbers.