Roseanne, Barred

Channel Ten have reposted via their network social channels this morning

Some discussion on Studio 10 this morning also


All very convenient for Ten. Saves them embarrassment from axing Roseanne due to low ratings.

Get serious, mate. That’s unwarranted and unnecessary.

They would not be pleased about being unable to screen a show that they paid for. If they didn’t pull the show from the schedules, they would get criticised for it.


Convenient?.. not really like they have a shelf full of content that will rate better to replace it with.

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It’s a win-win for them. Gives them some positive publicity and gets rid of a deadwood show, albeit one they could have turned into something had they aired it day&date with the US.

I wonder if there will be any recourse Ten could take with ABC given they have paid for content they can’t use.


What a load of balderdash. How a simple tweet can end up with such massive repercussions is totally out of whack. No sense by ABC.

Ten just jumping on a bandwagon. Criticism… so what. It is not right that a tweet with no swearing, nothing overly crazy than just a stupid comment can cause all this. Sick of the overreactions!!!


They shouldn’t have had to pull episodes in the first place. Ten single-handedly screwed this show which should’ve been a smash hit.

True, but it’s still embarrassing to pull shows due to low ratings, especially when it’s their fault.

You’re absolutely off your head.

How is an extremely racist and vile tweet not “overly crazy”? And what difference would swearing have made? It’s 2018, no one cares about swearing.


It is not “extreme”. Just a bad off the cuff remark. The way it should have ran, she’ll be criticised, she’d be forced to apologise because it was stupid (nothing more) then eventually the issue would have died off.

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But it will still be on Wikipedia…

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A mention sure, but they have admin to remove careless edits if someone decides to be stupid and copy what was exactly said.

So disappointed Roseanne got canceled. I was really enjoying the repeats and most of the new episodes.

Why can’t networks just ban their stars from twitter. Yes it was a nasty and racist comment but they knew what they were getting with Roseanne.

Oh well another reason to not watch Ten and network tv.


Even better, ban her from twitter too.


This was bound to happen very quickly. Roseanne’s Twitter has had far worse than this in the past, like I said when it was first announced it was mind blowing that ABC would take such a risk because based on her Twitter posts in recent years, she’s not just a trump supporter (which would be perfectly fine) but also a crazy conspiracy theorist and she has made some truly insane Twitter posts.

Looking forward to her debut on something like Infowars in the future. :joy:


I’ve never heard of the lady before but ‘Trump’ and 'Conspiracy Theorist 'don’t mix.

Exactly mate, it’s 2018 not 1978. We’re supposed to have higher standards in society. If someone has to swear all the time, there’s probably something wrong with them.

It’s sad how Australians have trouble seeing racism, it happens every time, the Hey Hey incident, Adam Goodes/Eddie. We are blind to prejudice when it doesn’t effect us.

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And we have higher standards on racism, sexism and homophobia which means we won’t tolerate them.


Couldn’t have said it better.

Swearing is inconsequential compared to racism and bigoted thoughts.

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The punishment depends on the intent. It’s one tweet for god’s sake. A public hounding is sufficient enough.