Regional Radio Ratings

I think that’s it. Star benefits from being an actual full time music station, without the talk shows which turn a lot of people off. Honestly Triple M’s rush hour is the biggest load of mind-numbing garbage on the radio.


Today, we’re off to Gympie:

Zinc is #1 with 24.5% (+0.4 from 2019), followed by JJJ with 10.5% (-1.1), ABC Sunshine Coast with 9.8% (-0.1), RN with 5.8% (+2.0) & 4GY with 4.1% (-0.3).

In the demos, Zinc won the 10-17s, 18-24s, 40-54s & 55-64s, with JJJ winning the 25-39s & ABC Sunshine Coast winning the 65+.

The “Other Stations” ratings is at 42.2% (-0.3), most of which would be towards the Sunshine Coast stations.

Also on that same day, the Sunshine Coast ratings are out:

Mix FM remains at #1 with 15.9% (-1.1 from last year), followed by Sea FM with 13.8% (+0.6), JJJ with 12.5% (+1.5), Hot 91 with 12.1% (-1.4) & ABC Sunshine Coast with 8% (+1.2).

In the demos, Sea is #1 in the 10-17s, Hot 91 #1 with 18-24s, JJJ #1 in the 25-39s, Mix #1 with 40-64s & ABC Sunshine Coast topping the 65+.

As for timeslot breakdowns, at breakfast, Mix’s Mark & Caroline is #1 with 17% (-0.4), followed by Sea’s BarRat & Juelz with 15.1% (+0.8), JJJ’s Bryce & Ebony with 12.8% (+1.0) and Hot 91’s Sam & Ash with 12.2% (-0.7). In drive, Mix’s Todd & Sami is #1 with 15.5% (-2.1), with Sea’s Elly & Becks just 0.1 behind at 15.4% (+1.7), followed by JJJ’s Hobba & Hing with 14.9% (+1.3), and Hot 91’s Nugget & Al with 12.5% (-3.3).

The “Other Stations” ratings is at 29.3%, up 0.8 from last year. Most of which would be towards Zinc, Sunshine FM & the Brisbane stations.


Triple J does very well in Gympie despite not having a local signal.

Interesting that ABC Wide Bay is listed in the Sunshine Coast survey but not the Gympie one.


It’s worth noting that since last year’s survey, all three Sunshine Coast commercial stations had changed owners, with Mix & Sea now owned by GSL Media Group (previously EON Broadcasting), whilst Hot 91 is now owned by ARN (previously Grant Broadcasters).


Been a while since I’ve been to Gympie but from memory the Wide Bay signals are fringe at best there too, so you’re right that’s quite the feat.

Poor old 4GY struggles, beaten by everything including even RN. And I can’t imagine Hot 91 would be too thrilled being beaten by Triple J either.


4GY has no hope in the Gympie market. Zinc targets older (music) listeners on FM with a great signal and mostly good music. 4GY has a pathetically weak AM signal with a mish-mash of super network talkback and some classic hits. It has no chance. Such a shame as the station used to really be something great back in the 80s.


I’m really surprised at Hot91’s performance.

Can anyone tell us why they’re not doing as well?


The playlist. With the popularity of Triple J they should go after this audience rather than mimic the well established Sea and Mix.


Problem is Grant / ARN are so rigid when it comes to their playlist for their Hot AC stations. One playlist fits all !!!

If they properly researched their competitive markets, Wollongong and Sunshine Coast their stations may perform better.

They win Gold Coast thanks to the weak offerings put up by SCA.

I would definitely break away from the network playlist on the Sunshine Coast and Wollongong, and go with a format closer to the original Nova on the Sunshine Coast to block Triple J and Sea.


If they do need a one size fits all, the Mix Adelaide or KIIS Sydney playlists, per which direction they would go - would both be an improvement over their ‘regional’ log.


I think the other challenge for Hot91 is that’s main competitors, Seafm/Mix are now more local than they were previously under SCA. This use to be Hot’s point of difference.


What’s interesting is Hot91 is the hub for some of the network shows and they’re not even eating there, so what chance would they have at rating elsewhere?


To be fair, the “Random 20” countdown is #1 among the commercial stations in its evening timeslot, outrating Mix & Sea. JJJ is #1 overall in that timeslot.

Interestingly, JJJ is #1 overall on weekends!! :open_mouth:


Ironically the weakest parts of the triple j schedule.