Regional Radio Ratings


Streaming will be very popular there


Warragul RA1 and Sale RA1 need to merge. This was discussed earlier in this thread actually. But it’d be interesting how well TRFM would rate if Hit Gippsland was available further east.


And for The Gong?


Very interesting. It’s a pity River aren’t more responsive to Toowoomba/Lockyer local matters eg fire closed the Warrego or weekend traffic snarls on the Warrego for the flower carnival or no follow up on how the state govt accepted a compromised traffic plan to allow contractors to save money so now all motorists suffer for three or more years. Some daily. River are silent on that yet have great journos who could be digging this up like Brian, Toni and Graham.


Bundaberg has released their radio ratings today:

Hitz 93.9 maintains its #1 spot with 25.1% (down 3.5% from last year), whilst Triple M (formerly Sea FM & part of the Hit Network) went up 5.6% to 23.9%, placing themselves a fairly close 2nd. 4BU was a distant 3rd with 14.8%, followed closely by ABC Wide Bay at 14.6%.

In the demos, Hitz is #1 in the under-25s, whilst Triple M tops the 25-54s. 4BU wins the 55-64s, whilst ABC Wide Bay tops the 65+.

It seems that SCA flipping its Bundaberg station from being part of the Hit Network to the Triple M Network paid off big time, putting Grant-owned Hitz’s #1 position under threat for any future surveys.


Remember most of that was with the 70’s to Now Greatest Hits log.


4BU still pretty impressive for an AM competing against two FMs.


And judging by the 50% jump in 4WK’s ‘most listened to’ stat thanks to a low powered FM service for the market’s biggest city, if the same was done in Bundaberg, 4BU would be even more competitive.

Billy Healy’s show is highly competitive with the FM choices and shows the interest in local content.

Local ABC is on FM in Bundy too. More would choose the FM 100 broadcast than AM 855 from Dundowran.


Yes definitely more would be on the FM frequency for ABC local. 4BU’s reception in the region has always been less than impressive. It struggles even in Childers. I’ve often wondered why the owners never explored options for an FM translator like many of the Super network stations do.


The 4BU (and 4FC) LAPs don’t cover Childers so a translator would be granted. It’s why Rebel could get remote area licences for the town.


I thought 855 4QB from Pialba/Dundowran got decommissioned some years ago?

And why should 4BU get a FM translator in Bundy?
1332 is only on the edge of town at Sloping Hummock.
Or are you talking about one in Childers?


The latest Central Coast radio ratings have been released:

Star 104.5 has narrowly taken out the #1 spot with a 16.7% share, with Sea FM not far behind at 16.6%. 2GO fell 0.9% to 10.8%, probably their lowest overall share in the station’s 47-year history. The Sydney stations are once again not listed in the survey.

In the demos, Sea FM is #1 in the under-40s, Star tops the 40-54s, 2GO tops the 55-64s & ABC Central Coast wins in the 65+. Star had a boost in the 55-64s, going up 4.8% to 15.5%, but 2GO also went up 4% to 19.1%. Nevertheless, the gap between the two stations in that demo have narrowed from 4.4% last year to 3.6% this year.

In breakfast, Sea FM’s Gawndy & Ash are #1 with 17.6%, followed by Star’s Julie & Rabbit with 16.4%. 2GO’s Mandy & Akmal fell below 10% to just 9.7%, narrowly beaten by JJJ. In drive, Hughesy & Kate on Sea was #1 with 19.4%, followed by Star’s Hayden Else at 17%. Kennedy Molloy on 2GO rated just 10.6%, just ahead of JJJ’s Veronica & Lewis.

The Other Stations, which mostly includes Community & Sydney stations, account for 39.7% of listeners surveyed, up 0.5% from last year.

Gold Coast - Survey 3, 2018

2GO being outrated by Triple J (which doesn’t even have a Central Coast broadcast, with the region presumably having to rely on either 105.7 Sydney or 102.1 Newcastle) even if only by 0.1%…oh how the mighty have fallen!

Although I personally think they should avoid doing this at all costs (bad enough that Newcastle will soon have a Triple M-branded station), what’s the bet that some marketing guru at SCA will think it’s a great idea for 2GO to be rebranded as “Triple M 107.7” sometime in the next few months?

You’d have to imagine that a decent chunk of that 39.7% would most likely be made up of Coast FM, 2GB, Smooth 95.3 and WSFM?


That’s for the breakfast slot, not overall. That said, there’s no doubt that the dumping of Sarah King from the station after 25 years has certainly caused quite a backlash on among long-time listeners.

Knowing SCA, it wouldn’t surprise me. If they’re doing it to the #1 stations in their respective markets, 4TO & KO, then surely 2GO, being a distant #3 in the market, will certainly follow suit as well.

That would be about right. Plus on the northern half of the Central Coast, a number of them would be tuned to 2NUR, as well as 2HD to a lesser extent.

The “Other Stations” ratings on among the older demos are as follows:

40-54s: 37.3%
55-64s: 51%
65+: 64.6%


Not at all surprised about the 2GO result considering the backlash of the axing of Sarah and Paddy and people boycotting 2GO.

Really quite surprised about the Triple J result considering the variable reception of the Sydney and Newcastle frequencies across the Coast. Any idea why ABC Central Coast rates so poorly?


I seem to recall 2GB rating rather well on the Central Coast when the Sydney stations were included in the published ratings. A decent chunk of that 64.6% would have to be 2GB.


You would be right about that.

Here is the 65+ ratings for the Central Coast back in 2012, the last Nielsen ratings for the market, which listed the Sydney stations.

#1 2GB: 23.3
#2 92.5 ABC Central Coast: 21.1
#3 2GO: 11.4
#4 ABC Classic FM: 5.9
#5 2CH: 4.1
=#6 2HD: 2.5
=#6 RN: 2.5
#8 2UE: 1.8
#9 ABC Newsradio: 1.7
#10 WSFM: 1.6
#11 Sea FM: 1.4
#12 Star 104.5: 1.2
#13 Smooth: 0.3 (it was just starting up back then)
#14 1233 ABC Newcastle: 0.2
=#15 2MMM: 0.1
=#15 KOFM: 0.1
=#15 New FM: 0.1

And here’s the top 10 stations on among the 55-64s from that same survey:

#1 2GO: 21.4
#2 92.5 ABC Central Coast: 19.8
#3 2GB: 10.3
=#4 Star 104.5: 7.6
=#4 WSFM: 7.6
#6 Sea FM: 6.2
#7 2HD: 2.1
#8 RN: 2.0
#9 ABC Newsradio: 1.6
=#10 2CH: 1.2
=#10 Mix 106.5: 1.2


2GB does extremely well considering it’s signal is quite weak on the Central Coast.
My in-laws get it fine on their car radio at Gosford but use an old antique portable radio that has a sensitive tuner in the house. Their mini hifi can hardly pick it up. Reception is worse at night due to night skip.


But the Sydney results have not. The new methodology has seen the loss of detail of Sydney surveyed stations.

Wonder how Mickey and co will spin another failure at their hands?

Removing Sarah and Paddy was never going to be pretty, especially without a well managed transition and decent talent that the market accepts.

Local drive proving its worth again to the detriment of 2GO. Star run a music shift, so no big PM drive spend and still end up with a decent result. They’d win if they invested as seen with Mix Maroochydore or Hot Tomato.

And it’s likely 702 won ‘off the sheet’. The overall share for ABC Central Coast is distorted due to programming duplication with 702 and that 702 for the large part, easier to receive than the low powered allocation on FM.

The commercial share this time is 44.1% compared to 46.9% last time. From when it was a solus market for 2GO, Central Coast has always suffered with lower than usual commercial share.

@SydneyCityTV, good analysis on brand changes, for SCA, they don’t care what the stations rate to change brand. Anything to cut costs reduce intangible values seems to be SCA’s model.

The brand confusion is laughable enough between KO and 2MMM, to have another between perpetuates the joke. “Which MMM?” “The rock one or the 2GO/KO one?”

It shows how desperate the audience is, happy to tune to out of area reception or confusing it with online to avoid mediocre local content where local talent is removed without audience support.

See above, it’s due to most listening on 702 and the low powered allocation of the FM licence.


By listening you can really tell how bad the quality of the regional SCA stations have become in the last 12 months.