Regional Radio Ratings


Or just swap the formats around. The mind boggles at the lack of logical thought in that company.


Yes I remember when 4AK was the station to listen to in the 80s using the Rock in Stereo (AM) positioner. It is very sad to see what they’ve become. You’re right, any logical operator would put the AC format on the Toowoomba FM translator for 4WK, they could swap call signs I’d imagine.


The other station figure is high and yes most of that will be River 949 but not all. I wonder what % the Brisbane stations pull? Brisbane FMs come in ok in Toowoomba in the car at least and a lot of commuter/regular travellers between Brisbane and the Downs. People come down to Brisbane all the time and are familiar with Brisbane stations.

I also wonder what % of the Triple M figure is 4GR and what is 104.5 from Brisbane…

But yes most would be River


Lol. I agree mate, there is no common sense.


Though it would mean Warwick effectively losing their local station on 963 - as it would then have to be 4WK on 1242, where the transmitter is up near Toowoomba. There’s currently no 4AK relay in Warwick, unlike 4WK in Toowoomba.


It’s needed. Just after 7pm on a hot and stormy Sunday afternoon/evening in early/mid Feb, sunset minutes before and already on and adjacent channel night skip impacted the AK signal on the short cut between Warwick and Clintonvale + impulse from lightning.

WK from just north of nearby Allora no problems as the night sky lit up with lightning as only a country sky can do.

Correct. Based on recall via telephone, River’s external activity within Toowoomba will have snared a large chunk of that recall. Doubtful many would have seen anything for 102.7 or 92.9. Brisbane stations will have in car listening. In Toowoomba, that’s a short commute for most, likely greater than the 8 min threshold.


Hi Brianc68… I can understand why most people think that the ‘Other’ figure is predominantly River. Actually this figure is made up of over 17 stations including the Brisbane stations overflow statistics. This also means that the stats for Triple M Toowoomba (4GR) are only for Triple M Toowoomba.


Yes, Triple M Toowoomba and Triple M Brisbane are reported separately, however, some people may get confused by the two names and incorrectly attribute their listening to the wrong station - however that’s probably a small amount and unlikely to make any significant difference to the ratings.


The ratings have been released for the Hamilton market in South West VIC:

Mixx FM is #1 with a 32.5% share (down 1.5% from 2014), followed by sister station 3HA with 22.8% (up 2.8%) & ABC South West VIC with 10.3% (down 1.4%). Mixx is #1 in the under-55s, whilst 3HA tops the 55+.


I pity the audience in Hamilton RA1. Surrounded by duplicate formats from the same owner in Horsham to north and Warrnambool to the east and masses of SCA networking from the west.


I agree. I would love to see how ACE would go in a competitive market :joy::rofl::joy:


ACE already has a station competing with the SCA stations in Albury, which is AM station 2AY. The big overlap between the Warragul & Sale licence areas around the Latrobe Valley can also be considered as a competitive market, in which Gold 1242 & TRFM compete with the SCA-owned Hit 94.3/97.9 & the Capital-owned 3GG.

For instance, in the Warragul survey that was conducted in July 2016, Star FM (as Hit was known back then) was #1 with a 15.1% share, followed by TRFM with 8.6%, whilst 3GG outrated 1242.


I forgot about Albury. How did 2AY rate compared to Star (Hit) and The River(Triple M)?

After listening to Mixx FM in Swan Hill and the crap stations we have here, I don’t think it would take much to throw them off the perch.


Not sure if this is the latest - June 2017


I personally would’ve thought the fact that both SCA stations outrated 2AY in the most recent survey is probably less of a reflection on the quality of ACE’s content and more on the fact that they’re on AM while Hit & Triple M are on FM?

Because if I’m not mistaken, FM stations have outrated AM stations in most of the surveys we’ve seen from regional markets where there are commercial stations on both AM and FM.


In the Mildura survey that took place in September 2016, River 1467, an AM station, outrated an FM station, Sun FM (now Triple M). And in the Dubbo survey held in March last year, 2DU outrated its sister station, Zoo FM.


Me too. You’d have to seriously consider giving up on radio altogether if you lived there.


Fair point, I did keep in mind that there were some exceptions to the rule like the 2016 surveys in Dubbo and Mildura. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I personally think it’ll be particularly interesting to see the results for this year’s ratings surveys for the Central Coast & Wollongong markets when they’re released presumably sometime in the next month or so. 2GO will probably fall due to the loss of Sarah & Paddy, among other factors like going off air for an hour during the breakfast show recently.

I also wouldn’t be overly surprised if Wave FM gets a ratings boost in their respective market this year, partly due to the publicity for the McDonalds Warilla wedding (even making it as a brief news item on last Sunday night’s Nine News Sydney).


The flip side to that is that in the Sale survey conducted at the same time TRFM was #1 with 31.3, followed by ABC Gippsland on 17.1, 1242 on 13.4, Star on 7.5 and 3GG on 3.6.


October 9 for CC