Regional Radio Ratings


It was meant to be some of their content. Like their local content during the workday and KTM. Yes they could do a lot more.


A lot more required. @hemi340

The local news is woeful for starters and should be the flagship of a small market to differentiate itself from other choices.


Yes I agree with that, its a joke, they only have the local news once or twice a day and for about 10 seconds per bulletin and the same goes for the national news. It just sounds like a cheap run community station. As I said before the only thing that it has going for it is having local announcers during the workday and KTM.


Cairns has their ratings released today:

Hit 103.5 maintains its top position with a 22.8% share (up 0.6 from last year), whilst Star 102.7 shot up to 2nd place with a 19.7% share, going up 5.3% from last survey. This pushed Triple M to 3rd place with 15.8% (down 1.1%), followed by ABC Far North with 12.5%, JJJ with 12.3% & 4CA with 7.2%.

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-40s, Triple M is #1 in the 40-54s & ties in the 55-64s with ABC Far North. ABC wins in the 65+, with 4CA the #1 commercial station in that demo.


What changes have there been with staffing and formats since the last survey?

The surveys are highly rubbery. As this is recall based, those top of mind get the mention, to claim 95% this time and 94% of surveyed stations last time.

So virtually no one listens to community or adjacent licence stations such as 4KZ. I don’t believe it.


Yes it’s hard to believe nobody is listening to 4KZ or Kool FM which has a very strong signal into Cairns.


Don’t forget 4AM, which is owned by the same company that owns 4KZ/Kool & would have an even stronger signal into Cairns.


4KZ play a wide selection of songs both old and new,from the 70s to now. I was listening to this station while on my road trip through Qld in January this year …When I stopped in Cardwell for a break I went into a cafe and they had 4KZ playing


Interesting how the radio markets work up there - 4AM (which I believe is Atherton RA1, although coming out of studios in Mareeba) with its 1422AM repeater in Port Douglas, while the 3 Cairns FM stations have repeaters in Mossman, further north.


I agree mate, I found the four commercial radio stations very ordinary and the lack of format choice when I was up their at the start of the year, but I can understand Triple M going down with that horrid ‘Feel Good’ from the 80’s, 90’s and now music format.


According to the Draft LAP for Atherton when it was under consulation back in March, 4AM (as well as Hit Tablelands) is proposing to install an FM translator in Mossman.


What a waste of spectrum - identical to Hit Cairns except for advertising and on-air branding


The last two surveys in which those stations were included showed them with minimal impact:
4KZ - 2.2
4AM - 3.3
Kool - 0.4
4KZ - 0.9
4AM - 2.4
Kool - 1.0


I had a listen to Kool this week. 50 minutes and not once did they say the station name, I heard one sweeper, which didn’t say it, all the rest was music rolling from song to song and into commercial breaks with no promos or ID’s.

So for a survey that’s recall based… anybody listening to this station wouldn’t know what it was called if asked!


Yes, I noticed that too and the music was all over the shop. I thought I was listening to a badly ran community station.


You mean “a well run community station” :wink:

Kool FM has to be one of the, if not the worst commercial stations in the country. I am not surprised one bit that nobody is listening to them. I put their stream on not too long ago and I thought it was hilarious that 4KZ was leaking through the left channel and clearly audible. What’s worrying is that the Kool FM stream sounded like it was being fed from an FM tuner…so I can’t help but think that’s what was actually going to air?

Such a shame because it really is a beautiful part of the world.


Gosford survey release is October 9th


Toowoomba has their radio ratings released, which was previously surveyed in 2016:

Hit (formerly Hot FM) maintains its #1 position with a 26.5% share, 4.5% from two years ago, followed by ABC Southern QLD with 14.1% & Triple M (formerly 4GR) with 11.3% (up 2.1%). 4WK scored a 5.4% share, up 2% from 2016, no doubt helped by its FM translator service on 95.5 that was switched on last year. Sister station 4AK scored a 1.7% share.

In the demos, Hit is #1 in the under-55s, whilst ABC wins the 55+, with 4WK narrowly outrating Triple M in the 65+.

The “Other Stations” scored a 29.1% share, most of which would be towards River 94.9. That’s up 0.4% from 2016.


Shut it down.


Its sad, I remember back in the 80’s and early 90’s it was the station to listen to. I think the biggest let down with it now is having a Hot AC format on the AM band. When BOG was granted a FM licence for 4WK, I would of put 4AK on the FM band and put talk station 4WK on 1242am. That if they were allowed to?