Regional Radio Ratings


I’m not sure if it’s popular in Benalla but I know that a lot more people listen to Hit Bendigo/ Goulburn Valley and the M’s in Echuca then edge


I agree. I do a bit of work down in Echuca and most work places either have Hit or the M’s on.

I agree with this also. Edge FM is a embarrassment. So much for ACE improving things. :roll_eyes:


Only on 774. In Shep, only 774 content is Faine’s convos and nights.


It’s been more than 2 months since the last Xtra radio ratings has been released for Shepparton, but this morning, there’s been two for Colac & Swan Hill, which are both ACE markets.


Swan Hill:

In Colac, Mixx FM is #1 with a 24% share, followed by ABC Radio Melbourne with 15.8%, pushing 3CS to 3rd with a 13.3% share. I wonder if 3YB’s conversion to FM affected 3CS’s ratings in the western part of the Colac licence area? :thinking:

In Swan Hill, 3SH narrowly outrates Mixx FM, with the former scoring 30% in contrast to the latter’s 29.5% share. With those figures, it’s little wonder why 3SH chose not to convert to FM, even though they’re eligible to do so.


@TV-Expert They’re a joke.


Why do they bother when there is little or no competition in these ACE Radio towns. I was doing a job near Cohuna the other week and having a listen to 98.7 Mixx FM and I would say they are the worst sounding CHR stations in the country. They had a very narrow and repetitive playlist with no variety and rarely played anything older then 2015.


And not to mention that 3SH, 3CS etc are almost relays of 3AW


Interesting how the 3CS/3SH results are so different to MIXX when they run very similar formats.

Interesting also that 107.9 ABC Ballarat / Western Victoria isn’t listed in the Colac survey, as Lookout Hill gets into Colac very well.


Yes and no.
ACE pay for these surveys to be done to use them as a sales tool. While they have no radio competition, they do have TV, Print and Online/Social media competing for advertising dollars. The obviously think that having these ratings figures helps them with that.

Unlikely. These surveys have very small sample groups and are usually only conducted in the major towns.


Yep…Their stations are a complete joke. I really feel sorry for the people who live in the ACE Radio network areas.


Being in an area with just the 2 Bill Caralis stations could be worse?

At least ACE takes talk programming from a top rated Melbourne station with known personalities compared to the relative unknowns on 2SM/2HD (John Laws aside) that Caralis uses.


Not necessarily. At least the Caralis’ FM stations play a wider variety of music than the ACE CHR stations, with plenty of 80s, 90s & 00s music, along with some of today’s hits.


Colac would be able to adequately receive Geelong’s K Rock and Bay FM as well as all the high powered Melbourne AM and FM stations.


I disagree, Bill Caralis FM radio stations shit on any of the ACE Fm radio stations


And I think they can receive Ballarat’s 3BA & Power FM as well.


Yeah I’d definitely rather be in a Carallis town given the FM stations generally play a much wider variety including some older music.


The “new” ACE stations Edge FM seem much better 80’s to now with plenty of variety and local content. Often streem then as better than the Melbourne offerings


Their biggest let down is their music format. I heard a lot of the locals are not happy with it. Musically they mainly cater for females and the music format is very similar to the old bland 80’s to Now Mix 101.1 format.


I agree mate, I don’t bother listening or advertising with them anymore, its a big turn off. If they had Carallis FM music format and Edge FM content, it would be a awesome station.


Which is what?