Regional Radio (non-SCA)


Get rid of them both.

Wonder why it was deleted? We know why, glass jaws at Pyrmont.


It would have been interesting to know if 2LT was actually considering dropping one of those shows.

And what would they replace it with?

A local shift hopefully?


New sticks at 4KZ:

Interesting that 4KZ’s new mast is a few metres less than last time. Why? Less coverage now?


Why is it still a single mast for what is supposed to be a 3 mast array?


Perhaps the original designed just for 531 - the new one to suit the 2 frequencies??


Possibly engineered a bit differently to suit the 2 frequencies, the new one might have (different) loading coils on it to electrically suit the wavelengths better?

It’s cheaper to build it shorter too, I’ve seen a photo (Al posted it in the Radio Green Room on Facebook) , & it looks like it’s made out of thick concrete reinforcing rod (Rio)?
Maybe by making it taller, it’d need different steel for strength & would make it much more expensive?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a guyed mast that looks like it’s made from Rio!

The total project of the 2 new masts only cost $320k according to Al, which is really peanuts for an AM site.


Making it shorter in a cyclone prone area is probably a good idea too.


That could well be behind the reason it’s looks to be made of reinforcing steel rather than a solid rigid rod or tube, it’s probably engineered to twist & flex in a cyclone without kinking & folding over?

Rio is flexible (to a point,) whereas a solid rigid steel rod will hold fast, then fold over & collapse at it’s point of weakness.


Does anyone know more about the story of 4KZ’s mast collapsing in during Cyclone Larry in 2005?

Radio Info reported that the army were helping get the towers back up, but having seen a collapsed AM tower before, I’m not sure how salvagable it would have been. Is this new mast replacing the repaired mast? Surely they’re not replacing a brand new mast after 12 years?



Mix Sunshine Coast 2018 line up:

What do you notice?

I notice that the four hour bfast/drive shows have been reduced to three hours.

For a market with such a long commute as the Sunshine Coast, this follows the same madness on the Central Coast which moved all their start times later to 6am.

Audience is very much on the road at 5am, quite often earlier.

Same treatment continues in the drive slot with the local Todd and Sami show ending at 6pm. Beginning in 2014, always listed as 3 - 7pm.

927 Mix FM

Nothing on the shows page, but the main Mix FM landing page is listing Kennedy/Molloy in the 6-8pm slot


Exactly. 6 - 8pm network.


Continuing the discussion from Regional Radio (non-SCA):

I think it’s because they use to repeat the Todd and Sami show “best bits” in the 6-7pm hour anyways, this will most likely be dropped…


Confusing. The graphic says 6-9am but all the text still reads 5-9am. I presume it’s shortened now to the former?

FWIW if your breakfast show doesn’t start at 5am in SEQ you might as well not bother. You’re better off finishing it earlier than starting late (Spencer Howson used to wrap up at 7:45am on 612). Especially true on the Sunny Coast where as you say a good number of people are in the car before 6 - they shouldn’t be waking up and even heading off to automated overnight programming


Mix FM and Sea FM on the Sunshine Coast have gone back to using their local phone numbers (545 11 xxx where xxx is the radio frequency). Does SCA not want them using the premium 13 27 10/13 12 16 number??


Thank god. A good day for local radio.

Now could they get an afternoon journo and dump the Gold Coast programming on the weekends.

Website was incorrect re earlier discussion, bfast still begins 5am.


And if Mix FM could ditch all the new music they play and throw in some unflogged/forgotten tracks (like the did this morning) that would get me back listening full time :smiley:


I noticed today listening to 3GG online that they have new news intros, weather intros and station ID’s. Still with Ron E Sparks but different music. 6IX dont appears to have it yet.


6MM in Mandurah was knocked off-air for much of yesterday due to a mouse taking a wrong turn at its transmitter site. This only affected the 1116AM service, as the station continued to broadcast via its online stream.

The station is due to convert to FM sometime within the next year or two.