Regional Radio (non-SCA)


4KZ Innisfail broadcast into the Gulf of Carpentaria on commercial off band licences. (and now a 200 - 800km radius via SW)

This morning, their stream sounded live.

Listened to the weather report, no announcements of the TC advice bulletins.

Only reads the ‘forecast for the rest of Sunday’ as read here:

The weather report sounds more comprehensive than what’s heard on the network owned Cairns stations, but seems strange the cyclone advice is missing.


MOVE FM seems to be off air totally at the moment… I am getting dead air on both 99.5 and 107.9.

2LT 101.1 is running okay though.


Do they employ a full time engineer?


Atherton licence area amendment, Mossman/Port Douglas

This has proceeded to date without any mention of the three industry publications nor discussion groups such as this:

Consultation paper:

Sole submission received:

In a nutshell, Cairns and Atherton licence areas overlap around Mossman.

4AM (Coastal Broadcasters, headquartered at 4KZ, led by Al Kirton) have applied for an FM infill as the long running AM 1422 service does not have good night time coverage to Mossman from its Port Douglas site.

ACMA agree with this AM coverage deficiency.

Where the regulator and licensee disagree is over the site for the FM translator.

ACMA’s paper publishes concerns that adding another transmitter site within the town would interfere with existing signals.

ACMA propose a Crown Castle site (obviously costly).

Coastal Broadcasters have cited unviable cap ex and op ex at the Crown Castle site, an example of a community station operating trouble free within their licence area on the Tableland from an in town site and are happy for less power. They’re clearly interested in just town coverage.

No other submissions received, other licensees have seen ACMA’s proposal, knew it was unviable and not bothered to make a submission.

The other part to the proposal is that the AM 1422 site is that one of the masts have failed so it runs OD instead of DA. It’s had successive owners and investment would be at a minimum.

No comment from ACMA about efficient use of spectrum in introducing an additional translator, no alternative for FM infills to replace the AM 1422 translator altogether. A departure from their usual lines in more congested markets.

This is an interesting situation as the licence area has been established along historical lines, prior to the Port Douglas and general tourism explosion.

Mossman and Port locals would’ve wanted a station they could viably advertise on without paying Cairns rates. 4AM had the foresight to establish a translator there yet over the years, when licence areas were finalised, Cairns scooped it up as well, entitling Cairns signals on translators there.


I’ve noticed on their website that B-Rock in Bathurst is now taking plenty of content from SCA’s Triple M Network, including:

  • Kennedy Molloy - 4-6pm weekdays
  • The Chasers - 12-2pm Saturdays
  • The Sporting Probe with Roy & HG - 10am Sundays

As previously mentioned in another thread, the station also airs Nightshift with Luke Bona at 12-6am.
The station also airs Fitzy & Wippa (from Nova) at 3-4pm weekdays.

It seems that B-Rock is going the same way as its sister station 2BS on becoming less local than it used to be.


No local drive, what a shame. Hopefully they don’t take that god awful night show on MMM.


Yes, I’m not a fan of Tom And Olly with the “Naughty After Nine” stuff.
Some of their topics makes me cringe.

Bring back “Rage Against The Nineties”.


New logo for 92.7 Mix FM - ‘The Best Mix on the Coast’


I quite like that logo.

Nice vibrant colours.


Back to the 80’s with that logo!


Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Sea FM/Mix FM have also moved up the road to 55 Plaza Pde. Today I believe was the first day.


Cut over at 3pm 30/4/18.

So Todd and Sami would’ve been the first on air from the new facility.

Local journo, Nicola Ryan will now thankfully have a little more room in the newsbooth.

4 studios, 2 production studios and a newsbooth.

Nice to see what can be created when you don’t have the restriction of a listed company as was the case for the original move from Currie St Nambour to Maroochydore in the Sea FM Ltd/RG Capital days.

Enjoy the videos posted publicly on Tim Aquilina’s page:


Quite an amusing jingle sung on 4KZ:

'From cyclones to sunshine, a part of the north since ‘67, this is the NQ network’.


Thanks for that @crankymedia - hope Tim posts some more. I’d be keen to see more


You’re welcome @NRN11, if you have a FB account, why not ask Tim for what you want to see more of. He’s a genuine man through and through.


I have been listening to 7XS on and off during my travels around the NW coast, mainly because of the novelty of its (de facto) solus operator status. The music mix is quite good; it’s pretty much a clone of 2EC (Bega) with a broad AC format. I expected it would mix in some current chart hits given it’s the only commercial station on the Wet Coast, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Its 107.1 tx on wet and windy Mount Read gets out well. If it wasn’t for JJJ Ballarat, it would probably be a regular visitor to southern Victoria (indeed, it has been heard by some). 92.1 Queenstown (the fake 7AUS) was weakly audible from the Cradle Mountain parking lot and at Waratah. No sign of 105.1 Strahan at any point, but this one is fairly low powered.

Grant Broadcasters

So they’re left with JJJ? That’s the case in Gympie too


Though Gympie would get some SEA FM reception from Maryborough or Sunshine Coast.

Queenstown wouldn’t be able to get anything else… ?


They would also have to JJJ from somewhere else (Wide Bay) as well as there is no JJJ transmitter dedicated for that area.