Regional Radio (non-SCA)


I think they had a revamp at the start of the month.


What basis is there for the comment that 6BAY on AM 1512 is to convert to FM?

The whole idea of the AM 1512 service is to cover an area that used to receive the AM service from Geraldton but lost signal when it converted to FM. Most of the coverage is outside of the licence area but the ABA at the time saw the sensible reasoning to return local radio to this area.


Page 21 at the link below has the section about Spirit Radio being assigned 104.7 in Morawa.


B-Rock FM’s breakfast host & Content/Music Director Benny Hope has finished up full-time with the station, in which he has accepted a role with the NSW Government. He was presenting breakfast for 7 years, and will remain as weekend announcer & continue to produce the station’s Most Wanted Countdown.

Daniel King will take up breakfast, moving from his afternoon slot, whilst Dominic Ingersole will assume his role as Music Director.

Source: Radioinfo


I just heard an ad on C91.3 Campbelltown for “Australian Ninja Warrior” on Channel Nine.

I was a little bit surprised that C91.3 would carry advertising from Nine, given they are still owned by WIN after the falling out they had with Nine re the TV affiliation agreement last year.


C91.3’s hourly news is still sponsored by Nine News, with Peter Overton going “Hi, I’m Peter Overton. Join me for Nine News, weeknights at 6”.

Slightly off-topic, Nine sponsors a lot of local events in the Macarthur region, including the annual Fishers Ghost festival, which is a popular annual event held in Campbelltown during October/November.


I’m Sure their more than happy to take Money from Nine Ent co for a few radio spots :slight_smile:


I suppose it isn’t any different to Stan advertising on Seven and Ten and presumably WIN.


92.7 Mix FM on the Sunshine Coast is doing “80s August” this month.

Source: 92.7 Mix FM website


Appears from this Facebook post that the Queensland Resonate stations now carry NRL coverage from MMM, rather than 2GB.


Yeah the Triple M call team welcomed them to the program a couple of weeks ago. Mentioning all the new stations they now air on.


Sea FM and Mix FM Sunshine Coast (and Hot 91) are all live and local tonight due to bushfires around Aura and Caloundra.

So nice hearing the old 545 11 9xx phone numbers being advertised again on Mix/Sea.


Local ABC as well.


For now. As it has been downgraded and the info stream has stopped they have gone back to Dragons v Broncos football commentary.


Sure would’ve been great to hear the local numbers. 4SS (Mix FM) had a great night show once upon a time.

Who hosted the coverage on the four stations? Mix and ABC would be about the only ones to have live drive shifts? Hot 91’s still automated?

As for the Resonate stations picking up the MMM commentary, does anyone else find this surprising? With Dobbo and Rex shareholders of Resonate, you’d think they would’ve flicked to MMM as one of the first things they did. Perhaps there was an agreement with Macquarie following the sale.


Noticed that all the Resonate sites (except for 4GC and hit Charters Towers) have gone offline - moving over to the SCA server?


They haven’t had active website’s since early this year, and prior to that were very basic and we almost no information. The domain names have been forwarding to the Facebook pages since the websites went offline. It would appear that Resonate have no online strategy, and while they are somewhat active on Facebook, not much is happening there either.
In comparison, the 4LG/West FM websites hadn’t much (if any) activity for years before they went offline.

Facebook links are:
4SB Kingaroy:
4ZR Roma:
4VL Charleville:
4HI Emerald:
4LG Longreach:
4LM Mount Isa:
4GC Charters Towers - non existant from what I can tell

Hot Country/4DB/4EM:
Rural QLD Today (Morning Show):
West FM Longreach & Charleville:

In other news, it looks like Triple C FM Charleville is now West FM to match Longreach. It’s voice tracked out of Kingaroy and Longreach I believe.


I’ve noticed this morning that 2LT in Lithgow now airs “The Sporting Probe” with Roy & HG from Triple M, presumably at 10am-12pm Sundays (I’ve noticed it at around 11am).


Since deleted, but here’s an interesting form of social content from 2LT


If I lived in Lithgow, I’d personally prefer to see both shows gone from 2LT’s schedule but if I really had to decide between one…definitely Ray Hadley.