Regional Radio (non-SCA)


I actually prefer the regional triple M music to Melbourne Triple M, they add more variety with a bit of pop music instead of just rock all the time. Last time I heard Edge I liked it, but in saying that I don’t hear it day in, day out.

Maybe DMG should try a variet format with Nova. They are on a winner with Smooth, Fox, Kisss and Nova all competing for the same market, crazy.


No Hemi, I have not heard anything. I see what I can find out.


I think they need to do something similar to 96FM in Perth or B Rock in Bathurst to have a point of difference to the SCA stations. Let Hit FM play their Top 40 pop hits, Triple M play their Classic Hits, have a smooth type of format with talkback on 2QN/3NE and Rock Variety Edge FM. I don’t totally disagree with you about the 80’s to now format but what NRN11 said, I think some of the 80’s to Now format is a bit bland. If they went down that path, I think they need to add 70’s classic rock songs to that format and have a big playlist and some decent programs to keep people interested. In most country areas a lot of people are listening to the radio for 8 hours + straight.


This is exactly what they need to do :thumbsup:


Ideally switch NE & QN to FM, adopt a Smooth & talkback format instead of Classic Gold. Edges to Music that Rocks, Some 80’s, some 90’s and new. Also stick with music based drive show with an entertaining announcer. I thing everybody is over “try to be funny drive shows”. I know i am.


According to ACMA’s current proposal for commercial AM stations converting to FM in regional solus markets, 3NE is eligible for the conversion.

More here:


Hot Tomato is currently simulcasting the One Love Manchester concert replay that is also airing on Nine. Complete with Nine advertisement breaks as well it sounds like.


don’t forget there is SCA’s OMG on DAB+!
Gold 104.3’s cut off is 10 years ie. they play hits released up until 2007. I hear many early 2000s songs on Gold.

Pure Gold Network

Don’t think OMG play anything new? Chemist WH not bad variety


Here is 3NE new web page :slight_smile: Looks like the web pages for 2QN and the Edge stations are not up yet.


Interesting to note the similarity between that website and the ACE Radio websites. They’ve obviously been created by the same developer.
The local content grid (found on the contact page) is the exact same format as well.
On the Codes of Conduct page, the email listed is the ACE Radio complaints email - I’m guessing that’s a mistake though as the link to download the codes doesn’t work.
The website is also hosted in the same place as the ACE websites.

I wonder what the nature of the relationship between North East Broadcasters and ACE Radio is. Does anyone know?
Could some management and admin functions have been outsourced to ACE?


I have been thinking the same thing mate


Take this as you will, but Ash Long’s Melbourne Observer suggested that ACE made a bit for 3NE Wangaratta & 2QN Deniliquin back in 2015 to the sum of $12 mil, which was rejected. More here.


2QN and the 2 Edge web sites are up and running. There was talk of a music format change and different programming, but going by The Edge web pages I don’t like my chances.


Its definitely not worth $17 mil at its current state. Personally I would of been happy with the $12 mil offer, with the state the stations are in.

I think the biggest problem is that the current owners (Robertson Family) are to tight to build their radio stations up to a $17 mil company, as you can tell by listening to their FM stations.


Spirit’s website also has a full playlist page, which can be seen here:

Their positioner is “Classic Rock & Today’s Hits”, and from briefly looking at the playlist on the link above, it’s not hard to see that it has a favourable rock skew to it. In the Bunbury market, it’s a good alternative to Triple M’s “Classic Hits” format, so they have a pretty good selection of adult commercial music stations there, both of which are on the AM band. Both Spirit & Triple M in Bunbury should convert to FM, given that analogue TV services on VHF 3 & 5 have switched off, but are not eligible for a AM-FM conversion, given that it’s not a solus market (Mandurah is eligible, meaning that 6MM can convert to FM).

I think that Spirit Radio would probably be the best adult commercial music station in all of WA. :slight_smile:


Wow :heart_eyes: I could not agree more there mate :grinning:…How long have they been doing that format for?


Spirit’s sister station, Red FM, targets a younger audience & also has a fairly rock skew to its music format, as you can see on their playlist here:


For a CHR station, I think Red FM would probably be one of the best CHR station( music wise) in Australia :slight_smile:

The Spirit format would work very well on The Edge :grinning:


Interesting question … which Remote area duopoly would you prefer to have to listen to:

  • Rebel FM And Breeze FM
  • Red FM and The Spirit

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