Regional Radio (non-SCA)


Mandurah’s 91.7 The Wave are running music specials voiced by b’fast host Daniel Gunn, hour duration.

Only problem is the return bumper for them mentions 6MM, forgot to update them!

Seem to air 8pm Perth time Sun - Thu (11pm AEDT, 10pm EST, 10:30 SA)


Some very bad audio on 2LT translater on 101.1 sounds like the satellite keeps dropping out making for very bad sound.


What program was this on?

I’m assuming the satellite you’re referring to is for the program feed from 2GB, as 2LT uses a terrestrial link to get the feed up to their Katoomba translator.


This was across everything news, ADs, Music.


Video has been blocked unfortunately…


When did 2BS 95.1 FM switch from mono to stereo?


@TheChase, what reason were you given as to why it was blocked?


How can you start a new FM commercial station in 2018 and not begin in stereo?

Camplins always associated with being good custodians of radio yet begin their FM conversion in mono? Did they not have the equipment ready, had it not arrived?


As mentioned in the “AM & FM DX” thread, 2BS in Bathurst has switched off its 1503AM service, as it has converted to FM.


Is the main service for 2BS transmitting RDS?

Do their long running FM translators have RDS?


No to both.


Hey sorry youtube was being a B**ch with there copyright, here’s the video again


Sounds like good audio where did you drive to?


As FYI the audio quality online is pretty good. Enjoying the music on 2LT. I doubt 101.1 FM covers Lapstone / Glenbrook well as per their jingle it covers across the mountains :slight_smile:, with the restricted power to the east I don’t think it would provide adequate coverage . I need to test again if I get to drive up there.

Happy ever since 2KA disappeared, the BM now have a real local commercial station with some local programming. Lets hope when 2LT convert to FM it does not get “bought out” become Triple M.


I agree. If they cut Chris Smith’s afternoon program out from the 2LT schedule, it would be even better, especially given that he’s already been heard via 2GB & 2BS in most of the station’s licence area, giving 2LT a real point-of-difference by having a music-based programming that’s not Top 40-based.

Given that Lithgow currently only has 4 media voices (Midwest, owner of 2LT/Move; Prime/Seven; Nine/SCA; Ten/WIN), it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, unless SCA were to sell its regional Nine affiliate stations to Nine.

As for 2BS on the other hand, it’s inevitable that it will become another Triple M should the Camplins choose to sell, as there’s already enough number of media voices (5) to make it a reality, and that the overlap between Bathurst & Orange is small enough for SCA to acquire 2BS/B-Rock.


Was there any sign-off message or goodbye to 1503 or just -bang- it’s off?


Theres a sweet spot for reception up to the mountains near Blacktown which is my go to DXing point.


Yeah I think from memory its only 40 w in the Sydney direction. 2ka should of had the same spec with a repeater around Penrith. The 99.1 fm one would of been good.:blush:


Is that near the water tower at Acacia Gardens?
That is my dx spot, and it has great LOS to the west.
Also good for receiving the new 2BS Fm service on 95.1


Hows the stereo on 2bs fm? Its interesting Brock is not on 99.1 to follow the same pattern as 95.1. I dont think 2bs could be 95.3 for obvious reasons.