Regional Radio (non-SCA)


Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I recently had my first LIVE radio interview and a few people missed it. Do regional radio stations usually keep a copy of the days broadcast? - Thanks


sure do, it’s usually on Flashlog or Flashback. Ring them and have a chat.


Hey, thanks for the reply, I’ve never browsed the radio section of these forums before as I have no interest. Again - thanks @richo!


anytime mate.


2LT were playing a bit of music late yesterday afternoon (instead of 2GB sourced programming) and I heard a couple of songs in proper stereo on 101.1.


I went down south of Perth last weekend for a bit of a drive, and had a bit of a listen to Wave FM once the DAB+ signal cut out around the Old Coast Road turnoff.

I was getting a signal in Bunbury, all the way past the Capel turnoff off Bussell Hwy.

Even more surprising though was on the way back. Along Forrest Hwy, Kwinana Fwy and Mitchell Fwy up to Joondalup I was getting a reasonable signal. Toward the end it was struggling under bridges and the like, and once I got off the freeway it pretty much died, but for a regional station in Mandurah that seems pretty impressive.


Was the Coast FM reception similar to that of The Wave?


Didn’t check down south, but just checked around here (near Joondalup) and 97.3 was basically the same as The Wave.


Screen shot of how Jocks’ Journal covered the news of Hot Tomato/Grant Broadcasters:


See it here (well, at the top of the page for a few days):


As mentioned on the “Random Radio” thread:

2BS has also unveiled their new logo to prepare for their conversion to FM:

Judging by the above, I wonder if it will become more of a music station to take benefit of the FM stereo sound? The same question would apply to 2LT in neighbouring Lithgow if or when it converts to FM.

They would probably keep Ray Hadley followed by Alan Jones’ hour-long highlights on at 9am-12pm weekdays, but drop Chris Smith’s afternoon program in favour of a more music-based program.


That looks like a very ‘smooth’ based imaging they have adopted. Maybe with B-Rock with its playlist, 2BS might aim smoother?


2BS have got a ready made slogan should they wish to play more music:

“We’ve taken the BS out of 2BS.”


I just realised that the rather significant logo change for B-Rock just happened to have occurred around their 22nd birthday, in which the station first went to air on 2nd December 1996. It was the 2nd commercial FM station to have gone to air in the Central West of NSW, just less than 3 months after FM105.9 (later Star FM, now hit105.9) in neighbouring Orange went to air.


Call signs should remain upper case. It is incorrect to be in lower case.




I never liked it either. It was the beginning of generic logos for Austereo, the start of the very slippery slope they’re well and truly on.


Same I have never liked 5AA being spelt as FiveAA


Do they think it’s too similar in looks to RAA?


The Katoomba translators for 2LT and Move FM are both dead air at the moment.

We had a short sharp severe storm earlier tonight here in Newcastle, so I’m guessing something similar as happened there disrupting a link perhaps.

Edge 96.1 still on air though.


For those who enjoy classic hits on fm , 101.1 fm is back on air. Not sure if full stereo or not.