Regional Radio (non-SCA)


Nah it’s near Lalor Park near the shops just out from Blacktown, but I may check the other spot as 95.1 can be difficult at times. Just keep an eye out for a creepy dude sitting in a car fiddling with a radio and you might just see me. :joy:


Near the water tower at Acacia Gardens is the highest spot in the area 90m it has excellent LOS to the north, west and south.
Great for Lithgow, Bathurst, Goulburn, Orange and Wollongong.

With inland ducting you can often receive Tamworth nationals, Canberra.




Move, 2LT Blue Mtns translators not received via second tuner in the radio list just before Valley Heights BP, gone unlistenable signal soon after, drops off very quickly.

Rubbish reception in Glenbrook, suffering from foothills syndrome.

Low bit rate IP link sound of 99.5, it does sound in or very close to in sync with 107.9 which is suffering co channel from Cenn Cruiach national service.

Yes, they are complying with local news obligations, well spoken older gentleman on after midday first block of 2GB news on 2LT aka 2GB Lithgow.

Signal of AM 900 is susceptible to EMF within building in Lithgow. 2BS 95.1 aka 2GB Bathurst being on mono is easily received without telescopic aerial extended on handheld radios. I guess this is how they’re dealing with their unequal specs to B Rock. That and the 75% or more relay of talk programming from 2GB.

No RDS on any of the above mentioned services. Shame.

Credit for the weather included a promo for John Kerr’s New Day Australia, ring after midnight 13 13 32. John retired years ago to the Gold Coast and presents country for the fun of it on 94.1, the GC TCBL.