Rebel Media


Been doing this for about an hour now.


The same thing is happening on 90.5


Both stations off again - just mono carriers on 90.5 and 92.1. Gold Coast 99.4 and 100.6 unaffected though.


92.1 and 90.5 off air again.


What frequency were you receiving Breeze on?


Breeze and Rebel (Sth Brisbane) have been on and off this morning. Currently Rebel is a blank carrier but is back after a 5 minute break. Perhaps someone is working on the RDS?


That was an interesting 5 minutes on the Breeze from 9 am with the programming progressing with music, traffic and adverts while the news played the whole time in the background :slight_smile:


I keep writing it, you wouldn’t want to be a client whilst this is going on?

The endless problems are actually a good test for smart clients, how many customers have let clients know that the station is on the blink? Often people comment more about things going wrong than I heard your ad blah blah. I bet the reaction is very quiet.

How many clients ask for freebies?


92.1 is off the air again


Announcer on The Breeze ; “here on the Rebel” :slight_smile: - It’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often.


I have heard a DJ on Rebel say “The Breeze” once.


Hopefully the have a big sign in front of them at the console that says which station they are on for that shift :slight_smile:


Should be if they’re running Nexgen :stuck_out_tongue:


Breeze 92.1 have been having " dropouts" today lasting about a minute. The latest was when an ad was going to air I don’t think the advertiser would be too happy about that. they have had 3 dropouts in the last 10 minutes.


Flood emergency in Beaudesert right now and the associated Logan River and Albert River catchment area.

Lunchtime high tide may bring a record high flood level in the Albert River, surpassing a record set in 1887!

What local information is on Rebel or Breeze? This is via the 90.5/92.1 and 99.4/100.6 freqs + low power coverage at Kooralbyn and Canungra.


Not much apart from news bulletins - especially given that the shifts seem to be recorded one hour earlier to allow them to be broadcast in NSW.


That’s incorrect on a few levels. In addition to news bulletins; BOM warnings & council/SES issued alerts have been regularly covered throughout the morning, along with road information, school closures etc. Scenic Rim councillor extended interview aired, with further interviews coming across the day. Both stations. Street teams currently out in both markets.

The fact Breeze and Rebel are part of a multi state network operating across different time zones has ZERO bearing on ability to live localise information for 90.5/92.1 & 99.4/100.6 whenever needed, wholly separate to what other parts of the network are doing. A challenging weekend coming up!


Good to hear.


Both 90.5 and 92.1 are transmitting mono carrier only at the moment. The Gold Coast 99.4 and 100.6 are as normal though.

Edit - as it typed that, they both came back on.


Listening to Breeze traffic report… it ends with “here on Rebel”. :slight_smile: