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Back on again



99.4/100.6 were also off this morning at the same time, playing exactly the same electrical noise as the Beaudesert repeaters. Perhaps an uplink issue given it affected two separate sites? I’m not sure how they pipe the signal there

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with all this downtime are we sure Bill Caralis hasn’t done a sneaky and bought the stations? :wink:

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More garbled transmission, this time during the high revenue? breakfast shift on Wednesday morning.



Again, both 90.5 and 921. unlistenable at the moment; GC frequencies seem OK.

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Rebel had a post on their Facebook I saw yesterday (which I can’t seem to find now) explaining their outages over the past few days. Something to do with a combination of a failure of their over-the-air STLs plus a Telstra failure for their backup landline link, which caused the major outage on Monday morning. It did say all should be fixed this week, including the RDS feeds for 90.5/92.1, which was seemingly achieved today. Although I again noted tonight some issues with the sound quality on 90.5

Also of note, their 90.5 feed now has an individual RDS feed (named ‘REBEL905’ and signing off song titles with ‘on Rebel 90.5 Logan’), and seems to have a few second delay to 99.4 for some reason

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Breeze and to a lesser extent Rebel have suffered though another 24 hours of poor quality audio. Sound like the link to the transmitter is suffering interference, very hard to listen to.

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Sounded yesterday like a tape was playing on a deck with flat batteries. Awful!



92.1 and 90.5 unlistenable again.

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They are back this morning and with what seems like a stronger signal than recently.



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please tell me this isn’t true! If Bill bought the stations that would mean no more album tracks, no more Homebrew Australian music shows, no more full length songs, amateur DJs and newsreaders, more commercials, narrower playlists and the same 30-40 songs over and over and over, just like Triple M!

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And even worse, the prospect of “shows” like “Talk Tonight” on Breeze FM :astonished:

It would have to be renamed Stench FM

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calm your knickers! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all ok… :smiley:

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Both 90.5 and 92.1 are

off the air again.

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Does Rebel stream their stations?

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Tune- In has them

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so does RadioApp

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92.1 seems back on now, but 90.5 still broadcasting dead air and has been for hours.

Funnily enough 99.4 and 100.6 are still going strong, as are 93.7/88.9 Canungra. They’re still broadcasting from the tower, even the RDS is still working, there’s just no audio

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Both 90.5 and 92.1 dead air again - mono signals with no RDS.



92.1 still having problems part of a song plays then dead air for about 10 sec then it does it again and this has been happening for about 15 minutes now. Don’t think there is anyone there. I wonder it is happening on 100,6