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ACMA has changed its proposed frequencies for its future Bocoble (near Mudgee) services. It was previously proposed that Rebel was to broadcast on 91.5 MHz, whilst Breeze would broadcast on 95.1 MHz.

However, after considering the ACMA’s AM-FM conversion program, which found 95.1 MHz to be suitable for a high power service, the proposed frequencies have changed to 88.9 MHz for Rebel & 93.7 MHz for Breeze, with a maximum ERP of 100 watts. For Sydney-based DXers, that automatically rules them out on receiving them in Sydney, as those frequencies are used by community stations there.

The next best hope for those in Sydney is receiving Breeze from Great Lakes on 93.1 MHz during tropo, which will transmit from the same site as Great Lakes FM near Bulahdelah (Rebel will transmit from 94.1 MHz, which within Sydney is currently occupied by Gosford & Wollongong community stations).

You can read more about it here.


Neither of which are yet on air.


As the great philosopher Homer said:


I did check 91.5 and 95.1 whilst travelling through Mudgee; needless to say they aren’t on air. I’m guessing I’ll get to enjoy 2MG and its nightly “India” calls in crystal clear stereo instead.

I just skimmed the consultation paper- the bit about 91.5 being interference limited due to NewsRadio Riverina seems to be a convenient excuse to appease 2MG/Real. 88.9 MHz would also be (quite severely) interference limited by SBS Bathurst and to a lesser extent 2RSR Sydney.


Good, as they should.


Both 90.5 and 92.1 are off the air at the moment and have been for the last 20 minutes.


Seems to be just Beaudesert - Mt Tamborine 99.4 and 100.6 OK.


Potentislly silly question that I’ve never thought about asking - why are the two Tamborine stations on even numbered frequencies?


Lack of any other available frequencies in SEQ.


I don’t mind the music, but there are too many ads for my liking and the announcers are a bit dull. I’ve been streaming Smooth Brisbane, minimal ads and minimal announcers.


Listening as of Friday last week and it appears Rebel have split their 90.5 Beaudesert and 99.4 Mt Tamborine programs. New sweepers on 90.5 sprouting ‘Rebel Nine oh Five’ focusing on Logan and South Brisbane (their words), as well as weather/traffic updates with the same localised feel. Haven’t checked 99.4 in detail but presuming they’re doing something similar

From the little I have listened, playlist is the same but separate ads and even back announcing with the localised name. I suppose they figured people in Beaudesert were never going to drive to Robina for Italian, and Gold Coasters were never going to go to Jimboomba for their timber, and stopped advertising that to them


I noticed the same on Breeze - in addition to refreshing their sweepers, stations are now IDing as The Gold Coast’s Breeze 100.6 and 92.1 Logan. Competitions, traffic and adverts are also localised.


I caught Breeze Gloucester running Tenterfield ads today, so no local stream down there. The Rebel on 93.7 still isn’t on air, nor are the outlets for the Great Lakes on 93.1 and 94.1.


I think there’s just one NSW feed for Rebel/Breeze covering all towns they each serve.


Rebel just announced on Facebook that their 102.5 translator in Kooralbyn (south of Beaudesert) is up and running on 102.5MHz. This has been licenced for some time but obviously only now is up and running

According to the ACMA book it’s only low power and even their Facebook page says it’s just for reception in the Valley where 90.5MHz doesn’t get out so well. Fair to say I haven’t heard any evidence of it from here just yet, but will keep an eye out over the next little while

On a broader note, is 102.5 really the best frequency for a low power translator in this highly congested SEQ area? I feel like it’s one of the clearer frequencies around the place that could be used for something much higher power


4DDB’s legacy allocation of 102.7 is the fly in the ointment for allocating 102.5 at medium to high power across SEQ. On 102.5 itself there’s also Breeze Tenterfield to consider. Having 102.5 relatively clear does mean you’re in with a chance of getting 2MBS from Cockroach City- one Brisbane DXer has already achieved it.

The real question in the subtropical empire (NE NSW/SE QLD) is where on earth to put 2LM when it is ready to convert to FM. The cogs in my noggin haven’t produced a solution yet, even after a liberal application of WD-40.

Am To Fm Conversions In Solo Markets

Finally bit the bullet on site costs is what that’s code for. A common problem for hairline profitability situations.

It will require a reallocation for a true freq of level pegging.


There’s also the SEA FM Noosa Heads repeater (from 91.9) also on 102.5, which I’m guessing isn’t on air yet either.

Re 2LM may be something like 105.1? Far enough away from Kempsey and Glen Innes.

Am To Fm Conversions In Solo Markets

Breeze is doing the same with 92.1 and 100.6


Not on air and unfortunately likely never will be.

Would sound better on air however increases the available inventory, you can do the maths.


Driving down the Cunningham Hwy this afternoon I had the radio on 103.3 to give the passengers the pleasure of Triple J for the trip down. However, very surprisingly as we reached the Gap heading Brisbane-bound it was swamped by a commercial station, which I later identified as a Breeze translator

Turns out, in addition to turning on 102.5 for Rebel in Kooralbyn, they now have 103.3 with Breeze. Appeared to be carrying the same programming as 92.1, which would be logical.

The frequency choice for this service really astounds me - all the Southern Downs ABC services from Passchendaele Ridge get out very well across SEQ, particularly from my experience in the areas south of Brisbane. I can’t help but think that flea-powered Breeze repeater is going to be swamped by JJJ whenever there’s any enhancement about or whenever you’re outside direct LOS to the transmitter

Still, it totally wiped out JJJ from the top viewpoint coming down the range today