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According to their Facebook page, The Breeze is also ‘test’ streaming online: Click Here to Listen Online

It’s good that Rebel & Breeze are streaming online again after 2 1/2 years of not being able to do so. That will mean that for the first time since early 2014, every commercial radio station in SEQ (ie. Brisbane, Ipswich, Beaudesert, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast) will be streaming online. :slight_smile:


I was just about to ask the Egg Man to set up an unofficial Rebel stream too…

A decent setup on those streams too, complete with updating title and artist info. Now if they could get those licences near Kandos activated, that would be even better.


As of last Monday (judging by their Facebook page), Rebel FM is now officially streaming again through their website & can also be accessed via TuneIn, which is handy for mobile devices. There’s no word yet on their Facebook page that The Breeze has officially started streaming again.


The audio level from The Breeze on 92.1 is very low - has been for a few hours. 100.6 is normal though.


It seems that 92.1 is only transmitting the left channel!


Seems that The Breeze has some new on-air IDs with jingles. “More music, less talk, The Breeze” heard this morning.


They are exactly the same ones that BreezE FM in NZ uses


Breeze 92.1 is currently off the air and Rebel 90.5 is a mono carrier. 89.7 TAB is normal.


They both sounded sickly on Saturday and earlier on Thursday or Friday. At a quick listen, sounded like low signal but there was a very strange sound on both that didn’t vanish in areas of good signal.

Yes, scratchy’s the word.


Yes I had notice that as well; static or a scratchy sound esp on 92.1.


Breeze has returned and the 92.1 signal is carrying a stereo program; previously it was just a stereo carrier with a mono program.


92.1 Breeze was on/off early - mid evening. RDS now on it.


Breeze 92.1 and Rebel 90.5 are both off the air at the moment


There was blank stereo carrier with RDS incl song and artist on both, but just now they are both back on.


In the car early Saturday evening, off air then too.

Long time to be off air. Were ‘Gold Coast’ translators 99.4/100.6 off too?

Wonder if clients have questioned this to Aaron or Cheryl?


Where I live at Slacks Creek can’t get those 2 stations at all but 92.1 booms in.


90.5 and 92.1 off again this morning - just a tone sounding on both.


Mmmm, reliability a big problem now.


Yes - they are back on now, but of course I have changed stations! May also be at lower power than usual (based on the BER number on RDS Spy).


92.1 is off the air again