Rebel Media

I heard another ad about getting people to check if your house had people taking meth. I guess if we’re renting or a landlord checking. Yikes. Serious issue, never heard of an ad or intuitive like this on radio


Yeah I’ve heard that one too… Yes serious issue, and GC is a likely hot spot.


Meth is the American term…we used to (still do?) call it ice. I think I have heard it on the Rebel as well…

My night’s entertainment was virtually travelling from Tillamook to Newport, Oregon with Breeze ‘love songs after dark’. Fit the yacht rock vibe I was going for. I find these real time road trips relaxing…and useful for planning should I venture there one day.

(There is an Adult Album Alternative station called KTEE in Coos Bay, Oregon that I am harvesting some songs from for my breakfast show. Too many ads though on American radio, even though this is a pretty small station).

Oregon has a meth problem too.


Rebel FM list the self help Ulan mining transmitter (107.5 MHz) on their homepage now. I wonder if they came across my YouTube video :smiley:

I have noticed that the streams for Ulan, Bourke and Tenterfield all point to the ‘RebelDDB’ stream, assuming Darling Downs and Border region.

The Breeze seems to have a unique stream URL for 97.7 Gloucester, called ‘BrzMNC’ (Mid North Coast). There is meant to be a Rebel service for Gloucester on 93.7 MHz; I’m assuming a Rebel stream may be created for it should it ever get to air…as well as the much anticipated Great Lakes and Comboyne Plateau services, probably all under the Rebel Mid North Coast ‘RBLMNC’ banner.


Yes, none of those planned Rebel/Breeze services for Great Lakes or Kendall are yet on air. Just been up that way.