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I heard another ad about getting people to check if your house had people taking meth. I guess if we’re renting or a landlord checking. Yikes. Serious issue, never heard of an ad or intuitive like this on radio


Yeah I’ve heard that one too… Yes serious issue, and GC is a likely hot spot.


Meth is the American term…we used to (still do?) call it ice. I think I have heard it on the Rebel as well…

My night’s entertainment was virtually travelling from Tillamook to Newport, Oregon with Breeze ‘love songs after dark’. Fit the yacht rock vibe I was going for. I find these real time road trips relaxing…and useful for planning should I venture there one day.

(There is an Adult Album Alternative station called KTEE in Coos Bay, Oregon that I am harvesting some songs from for my breakfast show. Too many ads though on American radio, even though this is a pretty small station).

Oregon has a meth problem too.


Rebel FM list the self help Ulan mining transmitter (107.5 MHz) on their homepage now. I wonder if they came across my YouTube video :smiley:

I have noticed that the streams for Ulan, Bourke and Tenterfield all point to the ‘RebelDDB’ stream, assuming Darling Downs and Border region.

The Breeze seems to have a unique stream URL for 97.7 Gloucester, called ‘BrzMNC’ (Mid North Coast). There is meant to be a Rebel service for Gloucester on 93.7 MHz; I’m assuming a Rebel stream may be created for it should it ever get to air…as well as the much anticipated Great Lakes and Comboyne Plateau services, probably all under the Rebel Mid North Coast ‘RBLMNC’ banner.


Yes, none of those planned Rebel/Breeze services for Great Lakes or Kendall are yet on air. Just been up that way.


Breeze Mid North Coast (Gloucester) runs both Tenterfield and Gloucester ads, at least when accessed through the stream. If I do get to the Comboyne Plateau later this year I’ll go through Gloucester and Wingham; not sure if the FM signal runs different ads?


I’ve just had a few days in Maryborough/Hervey Bay and gee the coverage of Breeze 102.5 is pretty impressive. Scanning in the car always picks it up along with Hit and Triple M (and Rebel). Driving back to Brisbane and it was a perfect signal until the outskirts of Gympie. Very impressed and pleased to have the option of both Breeze and Rebel up there. Lots of local ads too for Hervey Bay and Bundaberg.


Great report @Brianc68, hopefully SCA and ARN are feeling the revenue pinch in those two markets and put on more local staff.

The Rebel and Breeze are great complimentary formats to what the big two put to air, especially now in Wide Bay that music is now longer scheduled locally in Bundaberg.


Interesting words on this page:

Hopefully a typo that the proposals are still listed as under review despite a draft amendment signed off on 24 March.

Looking forward to new a new broadcast site getting to air in northern NSW to serve the twin towns of Urbenville, Woodenbong and surrounds. Always great to test new coverage.

The consultation paper didn’t extend coverage to Old Bonalbo, so hopefully that’s to come as requested by Rebel Media.


Interestingly that discussion paper lists 88.9 as 4BRZ Canungra, which would confirm my reception notes from the other day up the mountain. Has this been updated in the ACMA records at all?


Has Breeze Canungra formally launched on a different frequency of 92.9?

I was out and about yesterday and landed on that frequency and heard a Breeze program in time with 92.1 Beaudesert. The ACMA book (last updated Jan 2023) doesn’t have anything, but the Breeze website lists this as a Canungra frequency now, from Lahey’s Lookout on the western side of Tamborine same as 93.7 Rebel is.

I wonder when this went to air? And what has happened to 88.9 which I thought was Breeze Canungra.

Can’t say 92.9 is a great frequency for there. Might be fine in Canungra itself as it’s down in the valley below the hinterland, but I’d reckon Voice Toowoomba would be audible from the TX site on top of the mountain. I wonder if it will bother the Godbotherers up the Range (one can only hope it might haha)

EDIT: The Radcomms database suggests this was licenced in Feb 2023, so after the last book update was published. Would explain why it isn’t listed there yet, and why I only just noticed it.


Yeh I noticed it was on the air when I was on the Goldy a few weeks ago. Their website has the new frequency too.


Which is somewhat ironic as I was on the Gold Coast in 2005 and came across a test transmission for Breeze on 92.9. That got changed to 88.9.

Was 88.9 at a different site to 93.7? I wonder why it took 18 years to move it / change frequency again?

You also have River FM Lismore on 92.9, but their signal back towards the Gold Coast isn’t very strong. At least I’ve never received it in QLD.


Does this mean 88.9 is basically a clear channel in Brissy now? Pity it didn’t switch off during the Es season; @tamago_otoko ’s reception of 2BRW would have been even better. The only other nearby station on 88.9 that comes to mind is 2RBR Coraki.

I am surprised 92.9 Lismore doesn’t get into Toadland at all. Not sure if their site is a bit down in the flood zone.


88.9 used to be fairly clear for me anyway as I couldn’t recevie Rebel in my location. Whenever there was a slight lift in conditions, 2RBR tends to show up.

2NCR 92.9 used to be receiveable in elevated areas with a southerly aspect in Brisbane, until Toowoomba came on line. It was one of the first FM stations receivable in Brisbane.


Annoyingly I was down there yesterday but didn’t check the FM dial - I was listening to the cricket on AM.

The whole situation is a mess on Tamborine Mountain - there are three separate licences for both Rebel and Breeze, one at the main TV/FM site near the golf course (99.4 and 100.6), the ones for Canungra at Lahey’s Lookout (93.7 and now 92.9) as well as one for Eagle Heights, just a few km north of the others for 91.3 (Rebel) and 88.9 (Breeze). As far as I knew the 91.3 has never operated and 88.9 ran from Lahey’s Lookout rather than Eagle Heights.

I’m back down on the coast next Tuesday so will check 88.9 then. I can hear something here but it’s very faint, and there’s half a chance it’s just overload from something local rather than a distant signal here.


I wonder if there are any issues transmitting on 92.9 so close to 92.5 (MMM, Mt. Tamborine)? The only other example I can think of is 88.3 WS and 88.7 Vintage FM, which both transmit from Razorback.

88.9 (next to 89.3), 91.3 (next to 91.7) and 93.7 (next to 94.1) would also have the same issues, especially 91.3 being adjacent to the higher powered ABC Cold Ghost. Perhaps this is why 91.3 has never got to air?

Maybe the different sites (although admittedly they’re only separated by about 4km as the crow flies) plus the different service areas in the case of Canungra make it workable? In the main service area for 92.9/93.7 at least the Gold Coast services shouldn’t interfere much. On top of the mountain however it’s a totally different matter…

Will have to take a drive to Picnic Point here in Toowoomba and see if I can hear it coming over 92.9 Voice


The last show on Rebel will air on Friday 8th September from 6pm.