Ready Steady Cook

There’s a stage now?

Well, the kitchen set.

Dan Shaw proposed to Michael Astill next to the tasting table.

This was Michael’s Instagram post on April 28. He wrote the episode was filmed on February 20.

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Well maybe the definition needs to change, just pointing out that there is really nothing local about the show whatsoever and it’s a cheap attempt at ‘local’ content much like Jeapordy.

Survivor, whilst filmed overseas, is different as the very nature of the show requires it to be and a lot of the crew, production and post production, cast etc are Australian or done locally.

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You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Let’s just leave it there.

Why should Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune be counted as Local Content? Something filmed overseas, hosted by someone who clearly isn’t Australian by any measure, and featuring ex-pats is really pushing the limits of it being local.

Ten will get away with it because they’ve staffed the show with Australians behind the scenes, but it shouldnt be this way

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It should be counted as local content because it’s commissioned by an Australian broadcaster, for an Australian audience.

Should La Brea not count as American content because it’s shot in Australia??

It shouldn’t result in something that outwardly looks at best tangentially local - slapping “Australia” to the end of the title and using some corralled “talent” that lived in Australia at some point shouldn’t make it qualify for local content hours.

There are valid reasons to produce local programming from a location external to the country it is intended for, but it shouldn’t be a free pass to make minimal effort to actually localise the programming.

At best shows like this should only qualify for partial quota hours

Filming location alone should not be the determining factor. Australia shouldn’t be able to claim it either on the singular basis that its filmed locally

Right. So it’s “American content” - regardless of where it is filmed. All of the Hollywood films shot here, using Aussie crews, are “American” films. There’s just no wriggle room in the argument you’re trying to make as long as logic exists.

You’ve clearly not understood my point - the production location alone should not determine whether it’s local content or not. Just because you produce something locally doesn’t mean it should automatically qualify for being local content, the example of La Brea you offered even fails to meet your definition of what local content is.

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No it doesn’t, it perfectly exemplifies the point against you. Anyway, I’m bored of this now; I prefer to chat to people with some semblance of knowledge about the industry.


Friday 3 May

Miguel Maestre is joined by Diana Chan and Adam D’Sylva in an episode that will fill you up. Round 1 has them cook with five ingredients selected by their guest. In Round 2 they will have to cook fast food.

It’s the battle of competitive eaters: Yuan Teck Yeap aka yuan.and.only (Team Capsicum) v James Webb aka (Team Tomato).

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Friday 10 May

Special guests are Jessica Rowe and Angela Bishop (who this week celebrated 35 years as 10’s entertainment reporter).

Miguel is joined by Adriano Zumbo and Anna Polyviou in the sweetest episode. Round one has them cook with five ingredients. Round two, the chefs will compete in the greatest dessert showdown.


Friday 17 May

Miguel Maestre welcomes Diana Chan and Alastair McLeod into the Australiana episode of RSC.

Diana will be cooking with zookeeper Tahrnia, and Alistair will be cooking with Tahrnia’s colleague Imogen.

In round 2, Diana and Alastair each has to pick a protein, a vegetable, and a native flavour bomb, to cook an Australian-inspired dish in 10 minutes.

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Finally watched this tonight. It’s ok enough but does not belong in prime time. Ten should strip this for 30 mins weekdays for daytime before Neighbours and leave it be.

Also not sure about Miguel. Love the energy but I literally can barely understand him

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Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the show is moving to the Saturday slot of 6.30pm

That’s disappointing.


Moving to Saturdays as of next week (25 May)?

They aired 11 episodes so far on a Friday night. The ratings didn’t do 10 any wonders (bar the first episode). I wonder if the remaining 9 episodes will air in its entirely in the dreaded 6.30 Saturday slot…

A-League Men grand final is 25 May, so the earliest date for the move is 1 June.

It is supposed to provide 10 with a first-run primetime show on Friday nights until the new season of The Graham Norton Show starts in September.

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Yes 1 June is the first Saturday episode

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