Ready Steady Cook

Move 10 News First Afternoons to 3pm and air RSC at 3.30pm leading into Neighbours.

I think it’d be more competitive and offer a better alternative there, despite the perceived lower rating night. As Nine (usually) have no NRL and Seven (outside AFL) and Nine largely air movie re-runs, factual repeats, current affairs and lifestyle.

Whereas with Fridays it’s up against the feature match of the round in the AFL, NRL, raters in BH&G and Gardening, among other programs.

Also, a lot go out on Fridays after work, obviously Saturdays too, but many on Saturdays (especially if already out the night before or families on a day trip during the day) will come home for the evening for dinner and then flick on sport or Netflix or what have you. So if channel surfing FTA, an exposure opportunity to those that night.

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Friday 24 May

Miguel Maestre welcomes Alice Zaslavsky and Alistair McLeod into the RSC kitchen.


Is this Alistair McLeods’s first appearance in this version?

I liked him in the original.

From memory he was on last week

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Yep - he was on last week


Thanks for that. I missed it, but will try and tune in again tonight. Hopefully Miguel’s hosting style has imrpved since the launch…

Plot twist, it hasn’t.

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In tonight’s episode, Alice cooked with Marco, and Alistair cooked with Marco’s wife Aimee. Marco and Aimee last appeared in RSC 19 years ago when Aimee won.

The episode is a healthy food special.

Team Capsicum won the first round, which meant back-to-back victories for Aimee.

In round 2, the winning chef from round 1 gets to choose the same set of ingredients (each set has four different ingredients) that both chefs have to cook in this round. Set 1 includes lamb and set 2 includes chicken thigh. Alastair choose the chicken thigh set, but Alice won the round.


Saturday 1 June

WSFM breakfast’s Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones are special guests.

Miguel is joined by Khanh Ong and Adam D’Sylva. In Round One, they cook with ingredients selected by special guests Jonesy and Amanda. Khanh and Adam will then complete the ultimate breakfast battle.

Unlike previous episodes, the guests stay around for the breakfast battle, assisting their chefs.


Er, who’s going to tell them?

Edit: Someone noticed lol, now updated.

Communication really isn’t this networks strong point :grimacing:

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Right? How hard is it :weary:

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Saturday 8 June

Miguel Maestre welcomes Mike Reid and Sergio Perera into the RSC kitchen.

The home cooks are Sofia (cooking with Sergio) and nutritionist Toni Perreira (cooking with Mike). Toni will soon marry Sofia’s son Christian.

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Saturday 15 June

From this date, the remaining episodes will air at the earlier time of 4pm.

Miguel Maestre welcomes MasterChef alum Sarah Todd and Hayden Quinn into a sweet vs savoury episode of RSC.

Edit: the home cooks are Jaydyn and his mother. Jaydyn has been operating his mobile cafe 4 Wheel Grind Cafe around Sydney for the past 18 months.

Sad. You can write the show off as a flop.

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They should implement it into day time. Cut even more repeats out of the schedule.


It was never a big show to begin with. Sandwiched between Oprah and Judge Judy plus the Australian quota kept it on for so long in the 2000s. I don’t recall there being any nostalgia for it either.

Probably another show that would have been a success if it was on Seven or Nine.

That’s not true. It had a good run with strong ratings for quite a while.


Says a lot about viewers, can’t they get as far as Channel 10.