Ratings: AFL Grand Final 2019

Seven’s coverage of the 2019 AFL Grand Final Richmond v GWS achieved a combined metropolitan (5-city) and regional audience of 2.939 million viewers.

The audience in metro areas for the match averaged 2.197 million in-home viewers with 991,000 watching in Melbourne and 372,000 in Sydney. Brisbane’s audience was 317,000, Adelaide, 232,000 and Perth 286,000.

The 5-city audience is the lowest recorded since 1993 while the national (metro + regional) audience is the lowest number recorded.

The result places the game as the number one 5-city program. It compares to Game One of the State of Origin that had a metro audience of 2.18 million and national audience of 3.207. The game achieved a live VPM rating of 69,000.

Other AFL programming included

Source: OzTAM (Metro) and RegTAM (Regional). Seven/7mate. Combined (Metro + Regional). Program performance and ranking information is subject to change. Metropolitan market Data is copyright OzTAM. Regional market Data is copyright RegTAM.


According to Mediaweek - lowest national audience, and lowest metro audience since 1993. Melbourne was under 1,000,000. Here:


I looked on the OzTam ratings and noticed that this year’s Grand Final was down by about 15% from last year (West Coast Eagles v Collingwood). The 2019 AFL Grand Final was higher than the Married at First Sight Grand Finale (2019). Did the AFL GF beat the State of Origin Game 1, 5-city metro?

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Of course as usual with the AFL and NRL Grand Finals, the State of Origin and the Melbourne Cup the ratings never account for the tens of thousands of people watching outside of their homes. What would be your ballpark guess of the total audience, including those in pubs, clubs and at community events?


Even with that added it would still be the lowest on record.

afl’s timeslot is a problem

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Hardly. Remember television has been around since 1956.

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Lowest in the OzTam era anyway.

It was the lowest metro audience for a Grand Final since 1993 when just 2.171 Million tuned in for Essendon defeating Carlton. source: tvblackbox

No it’s not. Ratings would have been significantly higher if the result wasn’t beyond doubt 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter.

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It was a terrible game, hence the very low numbers. Most people tuned out after halftime.

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I was referring to this part of the article: ‘While the national (metro + regional) audience is the lowest number recorded’. There may have been lower ratings but since they weren’t recorded we will never know.

Is anyone really surprised that it was one of the lowest rating finals? It has nothing to do with timeslot or anything like that. There just wasn’t the same hype this year based on the teams that were playing. It was a team that has won recently vs the newest team in the AFL (and has one of the lowest club memberships). Plus the match being so one sided has got to have had quite a big drop off as it went on. I know myself I flicked off from halfway through the second quarter and only came back right at the end. I can’t remember the last time I havn’t watched a full Grand Final.


Exactly - this is the real reason it was low

But someone will always drag out the old “timeslot” excuse

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Yup it’s not too hard to see that one of the biggest Grand Final thrashings ever to the newest team in the AFL is not going to rate like most other matches.

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Just to put a positive spin on a Monday:) - According to TV Tonight, it is the highest rated program so far this year. So it’s not all doom and gloom. Who knows…ratings are going to decline from here into the future due to the diverse platform available for viewers.

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I suppose the title could be open to interpretation, as indicated in the article at the top, game one of the SOO had a high live streaming rating that could be taken into consideration.


The easiest (and cheapest) way to access the Grand Final will ALWAYS be on free-to-air television

I am an advocate of free-to-air television (for both good and bad programs) - keeps more people employed:)

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Lowest this century.