Ratings: AFL Grand Final

Wow. I am surprised the audience was lower than 2016 given the Tigers’ supporter base and 37 year drought.


Do you have the ratings for the post-match concert on 7mate @TV.Cynic?
I was also surprised that the lower figures for the match. I reckon many Richmond fans were either at the MCG, at the Punt Road Oval live site, or at pubs and hotels across Melbourne watching the telecast.

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I added it to the above - but it does not include the 7Mate audience which is why I originally did not include it.

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Adelaide probably tuned out sometime during the 3rd quarter, much like the Crows (who never tuned into the game in the first place)



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Bit hard when you have a Melbourne team in the GF at the MCG, where you would have pretty much 90% + of the audience going for the Melbourne team. If it was Adelaide vs let’s say Sydney Swans or the West Coast Eagles, it might be a different story in ratings altogether.


Well it was very one sided.

Sydney rating higher than Adelaide is a shock.


The embarrassing thing is this rated less than the Port Adelaide v Brisbane Grand Final, especially considering Richmond and Adelaide have two of the largest supporter bases.

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AFL GF Presentations is now the highest-rating program in 2017 :tada:

Both national (by ~70k) and metro (by ~80k).

Beating the Australian Open Men’s Final (metro) and SOO Game 3 (national).

I too expected yesterday’s GF to be higher, for the same reasons as @lepatron and @parano1a. But as always, it is what it is :+1:

(NRL GF won’t beat the AFL GF Presentations nor the game in metro, but it may beat the game in national).

I think the 100,000+ crowd and live sites in VIC and SA (including 16,000+ at Punt Rd Oval), let alone all the bars/pubs/clubs/functions must be taken into consideration.

In that sense, can’t remember bigger public scenes than yesterday!

But that happens every year…


And what about Perth? Being out rated by Brisbane.
I think that this is due to time difference

You can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be big increases with Presentations (particularly) but also the game in both 7 Day and 28 Day Consolidated.

With Richmond’s 37 year drought breaker (as we saw last year with the Dogs).

However, whatever NRL Grand Final rates in overnight, expect next to no increases in consolidated, due to Melbourne Storm winning (non-Rugby League market).

This is all despite both being blow-out results.

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Is it really necessary to turn every post about the AFL final ratings into a code war? What do your predictions about the consolidated ratings for AFL have to do with NRL?

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Not really. Sydney has 4 times the population of Adelaide. Even if only a fraction tune in in Sydney it’s still likely to beat a large following in Adelaide.


Though Television AU, whilst you make a good point, I think Parano’s point was more about Adelaide’s lack-there-of increase to previous years (given Crows were in the GF and it was close until half time).

There’s no code war.

I can’t get enough sport.

Is it a crime to like comparing and looking closely at sport ratings, I’m not the only one?


Or, to quite veteran Twitter analyst Mr TV, “CODE WARS NOT TOLERATED”


I suggest that your stick to the topic ie AFL GF ratings and make your predictions about NRL elsewhere. And yes you are the only one to do it.


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