Ratings: 7NEWS wins 2022

#1 in Australia every day this year

The Seven Network’s 7NEWS has strengthened its #1 position in Australia, taking poll position in 2022 with an unbeatable lead over its rivals.

7NEWS is the #1 nightly news program in Australia in 2022, having won its timeslot nationally every single day so far this year.

The nation’s most-watched news program has also won every single week of the OzTAM survey ratings year in the capital cities and nationally.

In a sign of its extraordinary reach and resources, 7NEWS broadcasts 55 bulletins, totalling 23 hours a day over 50 weeks of the year, producing more than 5,500 hours of news.

7NEWS Monday to Friday reaches 1.72 million viewers daily and has an average national weekday audience of 1.46 million viewers, 29% bigger than its nearest competitor.

7NEWS Monday to Friday has also won every week this survey ratings year in Adelaide and Perth, and has won 21 of the 26 weeks so far in Melbourne.

In Melbourne, 7NEWS Monday to Friday has increased its audience by 1.9 commercial share points year-on-year. It is up by 1.6 share points in Brisbane, 4.2 share points in Adelaide and 1.8 share points in Perth.

7NEWS is also dominant on the weekends. 7NEWS Sunday has an average national audience of 1.43 million viewers, 18% bigger than its nearest competitor, and 7NEWS Saturday has a national average audience of 1.11 million viewers, 26% bigger than its nearest competitor.

Seven’s Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “It’s extremely satisfying that Australians have made 7NEWS the most-watched news in 2022. This marks the seventh consecutive year 7NEWS has been the news of choice in the combined capital cities and across the country.

“It is wonderful recognition for the work of all our teams in every market, in every state, region and our bureaux in Canberra, the United States and Europe.

“The sum of all parts – and there are many – drives our dominance and consistency but this year we’ve seen exceptional growth in our Melbourne market, as well as Brisbane and Adelaide, with Perth dominating in all our expanding News programming in the west and Sydney holding its commercial share,” he said.

“This year also heralded the integration of all Prime newsrooms throughout regional Australia into the 7NEWS family, which only adds to our growing reach and national strength.”

Across the capital cities, 7NEWS has an unmatched weekday commercial share of 41.2%,

4.1 share points bigger than its closest rival, and a 48.1% share in regional audiences, 21.6 share points bigger. 7NEWS is also #1 in its timeslot in people 25 to 54 and 16 to 39.

Seven Network has now won 23 weeks so far in the calendar year 2022 and is #1 in total people, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s.

By the numbers:

7NEWS Monday to Friday

  • 1.46 million viewers nationally
  • #1 weeknight news program
  • #1 every day in 2022
  • 29% more viewers than closest competitor

7NEWS Sunday

  • 1.43 million viewers nationally
  • #1 Sunday news program
  • #1 every day in 2022
  • 18% more viewers than closest competitor

7NEWS Saturday

  • 1.11 million viewers nationally
  • #1 Saturday news program
  • #1 every day in 2022
  • 26% more viewers than closest competitor

Source: OzTAM (Metro), Regional TAM (Comb. Agg Markets )|Network National based on Metro and Comb. Agg Markets databases referencing Seven Network Content inc Tas + WA markets |Reach 1 min |Average Audience| Commercial Share% |2022 Survey YTD| Program Sunrise v Today | VPM 3.1 BVOD AUDIENCE SYTD

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Take Perth out, is the result still the same?

If you take Perth out of the 5-city figure, Seven is ahead by about 10k.

Not surprised with Seven News winning Monday to Friday.

Interesting that they have one number for the whole 6pm hour and not split it up as they do in their daily reports. And it shows 10’s numbers for the whole 90 minutes too and not split up like in the daily reports. This is how it should be done, but thats a whole another story… lol

Its a closer battle on Sundays, up 18% to Nine, compared to 29% over weekdays, and 26% over Saturdays

It’s more interesting that none of that is correct!

As far as I can tell the above release refers to the program “Seven News” which is the 6pm coded portion. This is also evidenced by the statement “has won 21 of the 26 weeks so far in Melbourne.” Checking our weekly tally 7 News has only won the 6pm portion of the hour 21 out of 26 weeks.

Also the figures for 10 News are also just for the program coded as 10 News - ie not including 6pm.

So, somewhat deceptive to exclude the 6.30pm portion - it would make the numbers lower and possibly not as convincing a win??


Aaaah, okay. Thank you for clarifying that for me. Makes more sense now.

Yes, i also find it odd that they only focused on the 6pm portion and not the 6.30pm portion for both Seven and Nine Weeknight News. And why compare the 6pm portion against 10’s 5-6pm hour, and not the 6pm part, where that win would actually show Seven win be a higher margin…

There should be an asterisks in all the “ratings spins articles” the networks send out and show us a better fine print with extra details… lol.


Seven News has also won the year in Melbourne.

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As previously pointed out, we noted that last week Seven Melbourne had reached 21 weeks but only at 6pm. Their wins across the full hour are at 20 weeks so far.


If Seven lost the AFL rights there is no way their weekend news bulletins would be ahead of Nine’s.