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They don’t show on mobile


No mods? Thats extreme!

I’ve got back into playing recently - my city has become highrise central

(I spotted Sydney busses too)


Verizon’s Oath cleans up Tumblr.


Where can I find this game Cities skylines ? Is it available for Macs?


So Victoria Police have been wasting taxpayers’ money to cover up their criminal conspiracy with a barrister who knowingly betrayed the trust of her clients.

The ‘informant’ scandal is absolutely shocking; what the hell were they all thinking of? (All the police involved including senior police who approved this, the barrister, and prosecutors who presumably knew).
How could they possibly think they’d get away with this? Anyone who gave it a moment’s thought would realise it would come out eventually.

What upstanding members of society they are, presumably arrogantly thinking the laws don’t apply to them only to the rest of us.

Once again the taxpayers are going to be paying for this with the expense of another commission of inquiry, more legal expenses, and compensation claims.

I just hope that somehow the book gets thrown at these hypocrits (if police are going to go after members of the public for minor infractions then we are right to expect them to comply with all their legal and ethical obligations).

PS: Illuminating information; I wonder how far over the line did she go (she’s obviously right that any future crimes wouldn’t be covered by privilege):


Google finds news stories from seven years ago about some of this but the Victoria Police crushed any reporting about five years ago. Terrible that the police commissioner thinks it’s ok to break the law.


Best to go through steam for the game


This is one of the dangers of having a very public, highly politicised Policing effort - the pursuit of results overtakes everything else and corners get cut, rules dont get followed etc etc.


Perhaps, but this is such a massive breach of ethics and process that it threatens to undermine the entire basis of the justice system.

It also calls into question the character and/or the intelligence of the most senior ranks of Victoria Police.

It is beyond belief that anyone with the even a modicum of understand of the justice system could think this was, in any way, acceptable.


I think this is the best city I’ve made in Cities Skylines. Spent hours on these road interchanges to make them look nice (trying not to make ramps unrealistically steep or sharply curved).

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Pete Evans and Donald Trump have something in common, they both look directly at the Sun. Trump looked directly at a solar eclipse.


Unfortunately it’s not the first time Pete “Paleo” Evans has issued dubious health advice either. His failed cookbook for toddlers comes to mind…


How’d they taste?


Haha! He didn’t actually cook/eat toddlers (that’s cannibalism, quite illegal the last I checked), but rather co-authored a cookbook with paleo recipes for toddlers.

Needless to say, the publishers shelved it after the quite legitimate health concerns were raised over recipes such as a baby broth made predominately out of chicken parts, apple cider vinegar & filtered water which was actually recommended as a base for a home made baby formula to be used as a substitute for the commercial variety - I kid you not!

And just incase you’re wondering, I remember that only due to the fact the report from Jessica Rich on SBS World News was reviewed on a March 2015 episode of Gogglebox.


Why were you checking?


I was thinking that I didn’t know toddlers could read, let alone cook!


Well, you just never know when you might suddenly get the urge to eat other people. Best to make sure if it’s legal or not before doing so. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh geez.

Rest assured that I have absolutely no plans to cook/eat toddlers now or at any time in the future, I only said words to the effect of “it was illegal the last I checked” in response to Ando’s “How’d they taste?” comment - that’s all!


I know. :wink: My post was only ever intended as being a tongue-in-cheek comment and it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.