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I know. :wink: My post was only ever intended as being a tongue-in-cheek comment and it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.




KFT = Kentucky Fried Toddlers


Sorry, I’ll stop now.


I’ve never checked legislation.gov.au to see if cannibalism is still illegal, I just know that it is. !!


But have you had the urge to cook or eat toddlers, in the past? :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course not!


Time to move on from the toddler recipes, no matter how annoying they are and how delicious the recipes look.

Just saw this clip shared on Facebook. Quite a few Tasmanian newsreaders and people from ads like Brad from Shiploads and the Cripps Ambassador. No idea which thread it should go in so enjoy!

Language warning too, bordering on NSFW.


Actually saw this as part of the Panto, who knew Lucy was a snorter!?!?


The despicable crimes of some of the Christian Brothers have been reported over recent years. Some of the Marist Brothers were equally despicable. Two Marist Brothers who taught at St Gregory’s College Campbelltown have been of convicted for being pedophiles.


Santa’s working night shift tonight and he’s raging :yum:


Oh boo hoo hoo … Poor Santa (not).

We’re the ones working all year, he works one day and gets all the credit.

Though I defy anyone to go down 5,000 chimneys per second.


I give you Kevin Bloody Wilson.


Yeah but he can get tax deductions for these. He keeps track of all the chimneys by using a logbook.
Thanks. I’ll see myself out. Don’t forget to try the turkey.


A Christmas challenge? You obviously haven’t seen me on a night out.


Some very 2000s things in this commercial! I thought I’d share as I enjoy ads, especially when they are quite different from today’s…


Drink 4 drink?


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A friendly reminder that binge drinking is seriously damaging to your liver.

Carry on…:joy::joy::joy:


Hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas (just so everyone knows, mine was OK away from the computer) and will enjoy a relaxing Boxing Day.

I want to reassure Media Spy that I still plan to be here (and elsewhere online) for my commentary and observations about the media in 2019 and for the foreseeable future, because most people here probably enjoy my posts and would be incredibly sad and go “Where’s SydneyCityTV? :cry:” if I were to disappear entirely.

But with the closure of the “SydneyCityTV Videos” after seven and a bit years (it had been around almost as long as I’ve been a member of Media Spy!), instead of returning to video uploading I’m probably going to take this as an opportunity to take my interest in the Australian media landscape in a different direction to the one you’ve been used to. Maybe just a bit less transmission capturing and more research on the history (@littlegezzybear’s post on “Carols in Sydney on TV before 'In The Domain” a few days ago was an interesting one), I don’t know.

Regardless of what happens, I’m keeping in mind that one must be willing to evolve and embrace change if they’re to remain relevant! :slight_smile:


Who the f##k thought it was a good idea to force people to wait 10 f##king days to get their new licenses and photo cards (as I have to get both this time), something you used to get on the f##king spot. They haven’t even rolled out the digital license across the entire state yet.

As a fellow state employee…go f##k yourself Service NSW.

Hey Labor - here’s how you get my vote: reinstate on the spot licenses. Also, more money for public schools.