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Bah Humbug. :stuck_out_tongue:


When some MediaSpy members go out partying (as rare as that might be) this is probably what they imagine a dream nught out would be… disco dancing to a news theme…

It’s vaguely amusing :sunglasses:

Just for the record; the news theme, the movie and the reference to disco dancing are all before my time (although I was alive)


Nah, us younger Media Spy members would probably prefer something like the Pendulum remix of the old ABC News theme:

…or the Tom Budin remix of NBN News’ current theme music, which I personally think is even funnier:

I can just imagine what an official music video of that one would be: Paul Lobb, Natasha Beyersdorf, Mitchell Hughes, Gavin Morris, Jane Goldsmith, Sam Djodan, Kate Haberfield & Tyson Cotrill dancing on the NBN Newsdesk to strobe lighting! :laughing:


Hmmm yes indeed… both of those remixes are pretty good particularly Pendulum (which is also a fav)… but I just don’t see MediaSpy members on that end of the cool scale … no offence intended to anyone :sunglasses:


I’m so cool I’m cold. :wink:


Immersion was an awesome album. The Island was my ringtone in 2010. :sunglasses:


You wouldn’t believe how much I used to tear up the dance floors in my happy pants and chains. I was what the youngun’s would refer to as rad or hip. These days I’m into hip hop still, in the mornings when I get up, I hop until my hip starts working again.


Pictures? :stuck_out_tongue:
Then again maybe not…


All evidence destroyed but you could say it was something like this! I was always running out of C size batteries too! Luckily back then there was a woman who used to sell batteries down at the beach kiosk. Yep, she sold C cells by the sea shore.



Like this?



Are you saying you wore parachute pants?

You were cool!


Well they made me happy!

Ok, I may not have been that cool but I do remember getting quite upset when my mum threw out my happy pants - in hindsight, I think they were already a couple of years out of fashion. I however was never cool enough for a Hypercolor shirt. Oh how I wanted one of those!


Here’s a random thing I stumbled upon - 80s/90s Indian TV ads!

For a country of a billion people, they sure do make some shitty/cheesy looking ads! The first product seems like it would be banned for good reason in a western country…


The police tactic may be questionable and evidence may be tainted, but the criminals are rightfully charged, found guilty and punished. They should accept the penalties and serve out their time in jail.
The criminal lawyer’s life is now at serious risk after today’s High Court decision (it was first revealed by the Herald Sun last Thursday). I think there will be more deadly consequences including the resumption of the gangland war.


For you to say this makes it clear that you have no understanding of how important it is that there is integrity in our legal system and the potential consequences of recruiting criminal lawyers to be police informants, regardless of any claims that this was in the best interests of the public.


I’d be interested to see what the estimated impact was - not suggesting the end justifies the means though


I’m surprised that the police accepted this information from the lawyer of these crims. I would have expected anything that the lawyer to be inadmissible due to some kind of privilege.


The Royal Commission and any court appeals will decide that, I think. It’s possible that they were charged illegally.


Me too, but you’ll notice in the media surrounding the royal commission so far they’re already screaming that it was in the “best interests” of the general public.


A few screenshots of a city I’m building in Cities Skylines