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Haha I can’t believe this. The Network 10 thread was only reopened 16 days ago and had 1100 replies.
That link i shared had 128 opens O _ O

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If you look closley to the zoom in at 7s, the backdrop expands like it’s a chroma screen (See the dot near the road thingy on the right), but on the opening shot due to the movement, it’s clearly not a chroma key but a plasma. Can anyone explain what’s going on here with the Darwin set?




Who is Melanie? :joy:


His new mistress :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m kinda thinking Melanie is his new cat. If you know what I mean. :wink::joy:


Back in May that is what Trump called his wife. :smiley:


So even he doesn’t know who he is married to? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this a reference to pussy?

Ah champagne comedy :clinking_glasses:




You said it sunshine. :joy:


Here’s a classic mock news report from when Hungry Jacks wanted Whopper for PM.


Mmmm I do like me a whopper… and a hamburger too :sunglasses:


This clip from The Chaser’s War On Everything is just making me laugh out loud. Especially how they use the kid from a Brand Power “Wonder White Bread” ad shown during a Today Tonight ad break in a meme-like way.


Man, do I miss the Chaser’s War on Everything.

So many moments where I was rolling around on the floor laughing. I particularly remember a scene where they were taking the piss out of some self-help quackery where if you envisioned something happening really really hard it would definitely happen…they ended up ‘envisioning’ a free space in a car park, squealed around the corner and smashed into a parked car. I was on the floor for several minutes after that, hardly able to breathe.

On a somewhat related subject, I remember seeing Borat in the cinemas not long after it premiered with my dad. People were heaving they were laughing so hard. That fight scene in the hotel was absolutely on a completely different level with people with tears streaming down their face, crying laughing. I couldn’t hear the dialogue for at least 2 or 3 minutes after that scene ended.


So many regular Chaser segments have never been matched since in aussie TV… ad road test has to be my favourite from back in the day (2:30 report a close second). The Godfreys one is a real classic (even if the YT clip is only 240p… ugh).


I agree with all the comments about The Chasers War on Everything, wish we still had a show like that on TV now but it was fun while it lasted I guess!

But with the popular “What We’ve Learnt From Current Affairs This Week?” segment, if the show was still around now I wonder if that would be extended to include some of the ridiculousness from commercial TV news bulletins? At times, I often wonder what The Chaser would make of the infamous “Special Reports” from Nine News Queensland and pieces to camera from reporters like Mike Dalton here in Sydney! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was edited onto the screen as the update was pre-recorded a few days before.


Today has marked one month until Christmas. Where has the year gone!


To the past.