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Live on Sky News, surely


Just a reminder that Channel 10 is owned by CBS, and CBS also owns this company: https://youtu.be/lA7TVje1E7k


Anyone have a Boat and a mobility Scooter and want to try this?


Yeah, I have a whole list of people dumb enough to do that.


I saw that on the news last night. I’m not surprised that this occurred only a few km from my location, as we have some extremely bad drivers around here.

I also doubt that it had enough power to move the boat on anything steeper than a flat road.


With the Outsiders giving Live Commentary! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I finally received my VHS Capture Device and to my surprise it works! If anyone wants Miss Universe 2003 hmu…


Thx guys, feeling the love :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d probably be in that list as well if I didn’t wait to see the new look at 6:30pm Perth time and if I didn’t run out of likes! :joy:


Literally got three nice replays in the last day.


Cue the Wet Wet Wet song…

The love is all around me, it’s everywhere I go (on Media Spy).


Cleanup on aisle 10…

Forget that, steam clean the joint.:joy:


You not feeling the love? :grinning:


No comment. :rofl:





You’re not my type. For starters you’re a Sharks fan…


With Gogglebox Australia finished for yet another year, how will the households react to some of the content which will be on our screens over the long Summer break? Here’s what I’d imagine the reactions would be to some of Australian TV’s most memorable moments between November & February! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Melbourne Cup:

Carols In The Domain, reaction to the “Amazing” outfit worn by Kochie this year (reused set of images but still relevant):

Said telecast in general, could also be relevant for NYE Coverage:

Nine News Sydney - “Santa’s Journey” Report from Mike Dalton on Christmas Eve:

Cricket & Tennis:


By turning off the TV and doing something useful with their lives? :wink:


If we did that, MS would be very quiet, ECC!


But we’re not polluting Australia’s airwaves with our crap.