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I wish people voted for him instead of Guy Sebastian! :rofl:


Yeah me too! The whole thing was rigged.


Guy Sebastian even admitted it himself. :joy:


That looks like it got too many numbers.
The final 8016 are not part of the normal China phone number format.


Strange. It says exactly this on the website I want to call.

Direct access number (international calling rates apply)

  • English Language Support

(+86) 0755-86002030-8016

There is another number for the company I want to call which is +86 02360339897 it works however it just goes to hold music then I repeatedly get hung up on.


0011 86
Definitely drop the zero in front of the area code
The phone number should be 8 digits
8600 2030
As mentioned above, the last four digits don’t make sense unless it’s an extension or menu choices


It works! Thank You! Now I just have to sit through a long waiting queue full of “Ni Hao” and other chinese words I can’t understand.


No worries.


pretty sure that means hi or hello and just in case you need to use it, cào nǐ mā means [heck] your mother, so basically a mother[heck]er.


The only other word I know is “Pok Gai”


Since the number you are calling is in Shenzhen this list of Interesting Cantonese words might prove useful… I’m assuming it’s a call centre


Just a guess, but have you tried +86 755 8600 2030 (i.e. remove the area code 0 and remove the last 4 digits)

Because according to our friends at wiki, 755 area code numbers have 8 digits (in that case, I’ve no idea what 8016 might be, maybe an extension number?)


Hmmm. :thinking: Great minds think alike. :wink:




Here is an oldie from when Nine News Darwin did their cute Christmas Eve Breaking News updates.

Nine News Regional

How did I miss these during Pilot Week?


I remember the elephant rides at Taronga Zoo, just like this but I rode the elephants in the late 1960s. This video is mid 1950s.


Public Service Announcement/reminder: If you have any overseas friends that you’re planning to send presents for this Christmas, start consider purchasing and sending them soon. If you wait until December there’s a good chance it won’t get to wherever you want them to before Christmas. We’re expecting some big volumes to wear down machines and personnel at Post in the next couple of months (personally I think this year will be quieter than last year) so the earlier you get in the better chance there won’t be stuff ups that won’t get fixed in time (trust me, the machines often get them wrong and many personnel don’t bother checking until it’s too late).


Yassmin Abdel-Magied Is Getting Married. ? :smile: