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Ten out of 10. :wink:


Anyone here shopped online with a chinese retailer called DealExtreme? I ordered something 12 days ago and it still hasn’t been shipped out. I’ve tried to contact their live support which isn’t available, I’ve left multiple support tickets which have been unanswered and I’ve even tried calling their Australian and Chinese (Hong Kong) phone lines and they both say “the number you have dialed has been disconnected”. All in all I think I have been scammed…


The ProductReview testimonials don’t look encouraging… https://www.productreview.com.au/p/dealextreme.html


They’re fine. Like any drop shipper from China expect shipping to take anywhere up to 6 weeks.


I’ve used Gearbest, Banggood and E4China which are quite fast and reliable so I’ll just wait and see.




What’s wrong with Banggood? Despite the name?


Sounds like a site where you might find adult…devices.

Never heard of them til now.


It is legit, They do have a section for that too if you’re into that type of thing tho :wink:


I hope this is the right thread for this… I’m just curious about how people pronounce the planet Uranus… do you say Ur-anus or Urin-us?

Both have their issues… but when I was young is was always Ur-anus… but in recent years it seems to have changed.


Yes, Yur-anus is incorrect these days. Not sure why. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: YOU-rah-nus seems to be the way to go now.

However, the correct pronunciation should always have been OU-rah-nos because it’s based on the Greek word for Sky. The Brits anglicised everything and often ended up way off.


I give you this


That made me laugh :rofl:


Noll will be sentenced this afternoon.


Possession… I wish we’d stop treating drugs as a criminal issue and rather a health issue. Dumb.


At the risk of going off topic, it’s a criminal issue in my eyes because people will often steal in order to pay for the drugs, particularly highly addictive ones.

And that cultivators and suppliers are not making an honest living eg. paying taxes.


None of that is possession which is what I was talking about. Not everyone steals to smoke pot or take cocaine.


Anyone able to assist me in making a call to china? I’ve tried every combination to ring and it just won’t ring or connect. The number is (+86) 0755-86002030-8016.
I’ve tried calling the number exactly as it is, i’ve tried calling it as 0011 86 755860020308016 and also 0011 86 0755860020308016. It’s for a company and isn’t a private number. Is this too much of a Random Request for the Random Thread?


Got a good behavior bond

So, no punching people’s f—ing teeth down their throats out the back or f—ing their missus and their mums.


I saw Shannon Noll play not too long ago he was great!