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Looks like it’s just holden together.


One doesn’t close one’s own door.


OMG! She shuts her own car door. Wow! She’s just like us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I dont know where to put this but I want to ask what’s the best and cheapest USB VHS capture card on the market? I was looking at getting one called “EZ Cap” but it seems quite expensive to ship a genuine one here from the US. I need some suggestions.


But why


It’s the latest in News Gathering Technology


They’re basically all the same. Any USB capture device with a 3RCA output is going to do the same thing… No need to spend excess on a branded device unless you want a specific feature (and if you do want to front up the excess cash for one Elgato is probably the best brand on the market). The one you refer (EZCAP) is one of the generic devices rebadged a hundred different times.


I have an Elgato for my VHS converting and I quite like it. I did buy one of the cheap converters on the market and it is no-where as good as the Elgato regarding video/audio quality, so I think it is better investing in an Elgato.


I forgot about this lmao


Ugh is this a real name?


Yes. Rugby league fans may be aware of him…particularly if you’re a Panthers or Eels fan.


I wonder if Chin got a job today …


Or full time on Play School :joy:IMG_20181005_182422


Being a relaity TV star can be very lucrative. Mike Sorrrentino who has been a regular on The Jersey Shore for almost 10 years was jailed for trying to evade tax by under reporting his income. How much income?..

… he and his brother made $8.9 million from endorsements and appearance fees, a partnership in a vodka company, and publication of an autobiography and a comic book starring himself. Much of that income was paid directly to the brothers in cash.


I’m pondering…

Has anyone seen Costa from Gardening Australia without a beard?
Is Costa’s beard being used to hide stuff?
Has anything gotten stuck in Costa’s beard?
How much would it cost to remove Costa’s beard?


It’s where he keeps his pens, pencils and lunch.

This is how he looked before he grew the beard. :smiley:


Are they the only two famous Greek people you know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Never met either of them!


OK. Here are their mum and dad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



If Ten brought back the TEN10 name, here is some inspiration from Google.