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Well, it WAS 33 years ago!


and regional :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing I actually like about it is the theme music


That music was also used for Seven National News in Sydney fronted by Roger Climpson.


Found the Seven Version, courtesy of @SamSamTV for the link



If that Opener is anything to go by it was the in-thing to have cars, a helicopter, a boat and even some form of light aircraft for news gathering 40 years ago! One wonders how often the latter two were used before being decommissioned.


GMV6 also had the same theme and format going as well. Although the thing that made me laugh was why are they all stationwagons? image image


The only mode of transport missing was the Color 7 18ft skiff!!


At Newshub we use holden commodore Station wagons. Means you can have a full car of staff. Camera op, reporter, junior or digital staffers while having a full organised boot of gear as well as an on location space for editing.


In Brisbane now, every station has Toyota Klugers. :joy:


I think I developed a fairly good grasp of money though I didn’t have to do jobs to get pocket money. But then I was only getting 70 cents a week because I was 7 years old. Then it got upped to 80 cents a week when I turned 8. Then my parents must have figured inflation when I turned 9 because then they upped it to a dollar. Rich!

Strangely I think the supply of pocket money sort of dried up when I hit the teens! I guess that taught me about recession :stuck_out_tongue:


My attitude towards money was skewed by my father’s heavy gambling. We got pocket money when we were in primary school but quickly learned to put our hand out for that $1 note on pay day. Even when he did get a sizeable win, he had no idea what to do with it and wasted the opportunity to invest it. When he passed we weren’t that surprised to see what little was left was sitting in an AMP managed fund earning a pittance. It was sad that he could’ve had quite a comfortable retirement had he sought advice and invested wisely.

Luckily I had an uncle who taught us the value of a dollar and would throw us a few dollars for washing his car or cleaning out the bird cage. He encouraged us to save by contributing to the purchase of items we really wanted. It was how I bought my first television. Granny would give us .20c for a Paddle Pop but that would invariably end up down the back seat of the Datsun 180B.

As an adult I’ve been fairly careful with money but do go through periods of adopting the “easy come, easy go” attitude my father had. I’ve always been able to avoid being in heavy debt by saving for big ticket items even though I realise I could be a lot better off if i had taken some strategic risks. I really need to start thinking about making some changes if I don’t want to be working until I’m 70.


Mum used to always give me 50c or whatever loose change she had each week to deposit into my school bank account (with the State Bank) during primary school. By the end of Grade 6 I had accumulated the grand sum of $54.

Mum then dragged me off to the State Bank branch because she needed my signature to withdraw the money (no ATMs or anything) to pay for my school books for Year 7. I think I got $4 handed back to me as pocket money, the rest went on the books! I suppose it’s not a bad thing that all that saving was for something that I was to use but it was very unceremonious for what I thought was a fortune!


I still have my Commonwealth Bank school passbooks somewhere. Can’t remember what I had in it by the end of primary school but I do remember having a blazing argument with my mother over her not allowing me to have a keycard account when i was transitioning to high school. She still refuses to touch an ATM and goes to the credit union every fortnight to pick up her pension money.


ATV10 uses(d) either commode or falcon wagons for news.


Guess the name of this awesome bloke!


Steve Vizard doing his George Donikian impersonation?


Ugh this one is the real deal I’m affraid


One of these?


The Media Spy news gathering machine!