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I did this in Premiere Pro, See what you think!

Your browser sadly doesn't support HTML5 video... What a shame


Friday is Jersey Day

JERSEY DAY is a simple concept designed to raise awareness of The Organ and Tissue Authority and the DONATE LIFE network.

On Friday August 31, 2018 we are asking schools and workplaces across Australia to allow students and employees to wear their favourite sporting jersey to school or work to show their support for the DONATE LIFE network and begin the conversation with their friends and families about Organ Donation.

What are possibilities for anyone on various shows wearing a Jersey on TV. Perhaps the sports presenter on various bulletins? Koche or Karl?


Just ordered some things at Booktopia. Unfortunately that means for the next few months Google ads on Media Spy and many other sites will feature the books that I looked at!


I use incognito mode for so much for this reason these days… Fact of modern life unless you seal yourself away from Google’s services.


I thought it was this Sully.


I remember when the movie came out! Omg


You, monster!



Remember the good old days with the Facebook Teletext Channel. It was so much easier back then!



I had Teletext and never knew that existed!
What year was that?

It really does scream 1980s, but then that was pretty advanced for its time and an eerily accurate precursor to what we have today :slight_smile:


Richard Grimm would later produce the opinion shows on Sky News


Facebook was only founded in 2004 (I think), so the “Teletext” image was most likely produced by someone as a joke! :slight_smile:


Yep, it was just a mock thing that someone made that I found.

Although the teletext did have birthday pages I remember. It was a bit like an early version.


The Dean in Community would have worn this for Halloween.


With continuing speculation on Media Spy about the possibility of a Network Ten relaunch, here’s how I’d imagine some of the reactions from this forum might be when one actually happens:

…and reaction to the On-Air Presentation of WIN! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes I know all the images shown here are screencaps from Gogglebox (TBH, I’m surprised reactionary screencaps from this show used as memes on the forums hasn’t been even more common), but it’s probably the best I can do without having access to actual images of Media Spy members reacting to a previous relaunch on hand.


How has “admin please delete if not allowed/aloud” never quite taken off here? :thinking:


O wait, because we don’t need anyone’s permission to do it lmao


U ok hun?


I’ll pm u xx


Is it just me or does this look so cheesy and aged?