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It’s not related to media spy at all, the Discord has been re-branded to Media Discuss Australia.


About shutting it down, I’m not the owner of it so I can’t make that decision however feel free to join here and privately chat to us in one of the private rooms to discuss this.

https://discord.gg/UVDaAjM (Invite will only last for 24 hours)


Interesting contrast, some mediaspyers, it seems, are sad that the Sydney originated Triple M brand is expanding further in regional areas … yet most mediaspyers would be happy if the Sydney originated TEN brand replaced the WIN brand in the regional areas of the six states and the ACT.


I just want to ask if anyone knows, Is there a Thread on the forums here where we can swap/exchange TV Recordings and Screencaps? Because if so that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Not that I am aware of.





found this on reddit


The 2018 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships started in Tokyo today, and no Australian network was interested in showing it, not even Fox Sports. Why?


Nobody cares about swimming anymore, especially after the last couple of Olympic performances.


That, and the team culture issues etc.


Because 7 have the rights and it isn’t worth sending a crew to Tokyo to cover it for the return they would receive.


Starting up an online news service on Facebook, Take a look and if you like what you see then give it a like!


Are you just reposting items from Victoria Police? The posts on that page all seem like ones you’d find on a police facebook page.


If only newsreaders could shave on air


haha that was classic :stuck_out_tongue: Fast forward got away with a load of the sketches they did back then! :stuck_out_tongue:


ACCTV are playing a BBC Programme? Hmm :thinking:


Since last year Songs of Praise is not now made in-house by the BBC, it’s made by external production companies. I wonder if that has increased its international distribution opportunities??


He will always be number one. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45264994

Matches, Hatches, Dispatches

Media spy mickey ears…



feelsbadman no one slides into my DMs ever :confused: