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I can’t get back into it again, the invite link now disappears into nothing, and Media Spy isn’t anywhere on my Discord account. I can’t be bothered trying to get back into it.


Auf wiedersehen M’tl’ck.


I got nuked from it, you mods on the discord are more fascist than the real media spy mods


feel free to rejoin tho


Wasn’t our fault the fake Bort banned everyone


Time to shut it down, imo.


Not yet. Fake Bort is banned and everything is running smoothly.


Gotta admit the Discord has been given a Facelift…


Everyone who has the old coight should update to the new new new coight!


Intriguing. What are the advantages?


It will get you noticed


Well, I wouldn’t want to be coight out! I’ll consider it but for now, it’s time to hit the road.



I’m the founder of GCN. I made it as a Facebook page to share news stories too so I could collect them for a radio show I was doing when I was 14 years old. It’s grown since then to a platform where I publish original content as practice and to gain experience.
It’s literally a hobby to play with concepts.
I’m currently in Yr 12 and have a passion for TV and news. I’ve been a reader of this page for a few years and a mostly silent member for about two (two different accounts).
All assets used are original, attributed or licensed.

I’m open to feedback and help. You can post it here : Geelong Community News (Experimental Online Local News Format)

If you have a problem with me, feel free to private message me on this platform. It’s my understanding that this community is welcoming and supportive, so there’s no need to make fake accounts and shit talk by commenting spam on something that I, and presently, a small team of people has worked hard on.

I’m sure you can all appreciate a love and passion for broadcasting. I’m just trying to develop skills and learn to positive myself in a good light to one day be hired post uni.

I really enjoy this community. Just be respectful and mature.


Pulling a Luke and breaking my self-imposed exile, but…

Wear the criticism like a badge @NewsDiscuss. At the end of the day, you have a bunch of skills which recruiters at any major metropolitan news organisation would be tripping over themselves to secure. We’re talking presentation skills, multimedia knowledge, video editing, script writing, local contacts. Half of those skills aren’t even considered by 50 percent of journalism grads so in terms of a skill set you’re golden.

And you never know - your concept could very well become popular in its own right.

I had a similar experience working at a local independent monthly paper for a long time - extended family members always wore condescending grins and were always lining up to offer free advice about switching to another profession “before it was too late.” End of the day: if you’re good at what you do, you’ll get there.


I appreciate your kind words. I can take criticism and productive feedback and 100% welcome it. It’s so important and I’m thankful for the frank mentors I have.

When people are making fake accounts and commenting on a post about a local fatal car accident claiming I’ve stolen and plagiarized media assets - that’s where the line is crossed. That type of behavior is inappropriate.

I think it’s best put this behind us today. I just wanted to say something and to call out behavior that crosses a line. I want to be a journalist to give the community a voice against powerful corporations and governments. To foster a sense of meaningful connections through human experience. To provide a service to the community so they’re informed. It would be hypocritical not to say something.

With that behind us. I look forward to being a part of this community in the future and I look forward to continuing to read your opinions, analysis, and insights into the Australian media industry.


No problem, I think what a lot of those who mock you aren’t really clued onto is that careers in journalism are earnt. No one simply gets a nice job straight up.


Hi Newsdiscuss/Jack, I’m currently in Year 12 too and I believe what you are doing is excellent and don’t let people get to you, you will always get people criticizing you in your life but you need to ignore the haters. I’ve been trying to run an online radio station by myself and people have tried to put me down and say my music sucks and the commentary sucks but I just ignore them because at the end of the day you know you are doing something right towards your chosen career path. By doing what you are doing you are getting massive experience in the media industry and hopefully in the future will get noticed by a production company and secure a good paid job.

Good luck for the future and cheers :grinning:



Missed you Tommy :hugs:




hoooooold on one minute, you’re the one that spammed this and many other threads making fun of Jack. bit rich that you don’t apologise or own up to it to his face.

Unless I’ve completely missed the point of university, journalism isn’t about having a voice against or being against anyone, it’s about telling the truth. if you position yourself to be against anyone as a journalist, technically that would make you corrupt, no better than them and that is not the way to go.

I agree, every mocker is always substituting a news reader or something when they should be learning how to video produce, operate a camera, edit a report and possibly even successfully run social media accounts if they wanna get a head start at a career, rather than actually being the news anchor, as the skills can be honed in on at a later date.

By all means these mockers should continue to do what they want, but if they actually make waves in the industry do some really low level stuff, like reporting and producing. if you want a career in journalism, most organisations are looking for fresh faces that can do everything and expect them to be good with editing on your phone, or any other portable device.

Think it of it like this - no one would trust a 20 year old, fresh faced kid to deliver any news bulletin, there’s just no large credibility when they could get like a 30-something that has had years of reporting in the mainstream to their name.

I wish you, and every other mocker the best in that. go for gold.